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Accurately Diagnosing ADHD
In recent years, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become an overused catch-phrase to describe and label people who are easily bored or distracted. In reality, ADHD is a widespread neurological disorder that can only be accurately diagnosed by a knowledgeable healthcare professional after a comprehensive evaluation. ADHD often affects an individual’s ability to stay focused on a task for the length of time necessary to complete it. Read More
Is neurofeedback finally getting the respect it deserves?
Neurofeedback has now been accepted by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a Level 1 “Best Support” intervention for ADHD. Compelling published research supports its effectiveness. Yet, insurance companies have been slow to recognize the clinical efficacy of this non-drug brain training treatment and to provide coverage for it. However, this restrictive policy is beginning to break down. Leading the way, effective May, 2013, Blue Cross... Read More
Amy Price's message of hope