Captain’s Log MindPower Builder

The Complete Mental Gym! Brain Exercises for All Ages!

Your clients of all ages will discover how exciting it is to improve their thinking skills. Based on extensive scientific research and clinical experience, the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder’s 50 training programs provide you with over 2000 different brain exercises to train twenty different cognitive skills. At the same time, you can target behavioral tracks, such as patience, focus, listening, response control and mental processing speed. The depth of the content provides you with a wide variety of challenging tasks to assure success in training whatever cognitive skills you select. The Captain’s Log MindPower Builder is truly the world’s most powerful and complete mental gym.

What do people say about the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder?

“As a brain professional I use Captain’s Log because it works, and I am passionate about it because it is the product I credit with restoring my brain…”
– Dr. Amy Price, Delray Beach, FL
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“I have been using the BrainTrain cognitive rehab software for about 9 years and am consistently amazed by client outcomes. How do we build protocols for our clients? The IVA+Plus reports are extremely helpful in determining what specific cognitive areas need therapy; the Captain’s Log, Sound Smart and Smart Driver software provide an extremely accurate and targeted approach to their cognitive training.

One of my clients, a 55 year old man, with a post 5-year right brain injury regained use of much of his prefrontal cortex. Prior to his program at Advantage Learning Solutions he was unable to engage in conversation. He could not stop to listen and/or stop to gather his thoughts and then respond intelligibly. Now, engaging in conversation using critical thinking skills and planning and executing tasks related to his daily life and future are not only possible for him, he feels like he has gotten his life back. His physician was convinced this could never happen but now credits our work with him as the factor that created his change.

Individuals who have never been able to learn to read and who lack focus and attention resulting in poor academic progress and limited social skills go from being several years behind academically and behaviorally to being at the top of their classes. The big difference: cognitive training using BrainTrain programs.” Lonnie Rae Smith, Educational and Cognitive Stimulation Consultant. Advantage Learning Solutions, Vancouver, WA.
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