Captain’s Log Personal Trainer – Download Latest Version

Download/Update Instructions

To begin, click on the “Download Latest Version” button below.


File Size: 2.51 GB
Version: 2015.3

A “File Download” box will appear. Next, click on the Save button. Take note of the location where the file will be saved as you’ll need to locate the file later. If in doubt, pressing the “CTRL + J” keyboard shortcut will display the downloads panel which will show you the location and progress of the download. The file name is CaptWinPersonalTrainer.exe. Please note that the file is large and will take a considerable amount of time to complete over a high-speed connection.

Once you have completed the download, use Windows Explorer to find CaptWinPersonalTrainer.exe in the subdirectory where you saved it. Installing the program requires that you have a user with Administrator permissions on the computer. Double-click on the CaptWinPersonalTrainer.exe file to start the installation of the MindPower Builder program. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The MindPower Builder icon will appear on your desktop so that you can easily find the program. To start the program and continue with the full registration process, double-click on this icon.

If you have any questions or problems with your MindPower Builder software, please do not hesitate to contact BrainTrain technical support at (804) 320-0120 or through our support portal. To contact your BrainTrain sales representative, call (800) 822-0538.

Enjoy your software!