Captain’s Log: The Complete Mental Gym

The Captain's Log cognitive training software is used by military hospitals to help veterans with head injuries and PTSDAbout the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training System

Captain’s Log makes it interesting and entertaining for your clients with ADHD/ADD, brain injuries, psychological disorders or LDs to improve their thinking skills. Based on years of neuroscientific research and clinical experience, Captain’s Log provides you with thousands of different game-like exercises to improve their working and short-term memory, attention, mental processing speed, impulse control, listening skills, problem solving, and more.

Why Captain’s Log?

Captain’s Log is:
Check!Multi-level. You’ll find the cognitive exercises you need for clients of all levels, ages, and abilities.
Check!Comprehensive. Captain’s log puts a whole library of brain-building exercises at your fingertips – over 2000 hours of cognitive training exercises to choose from.
Check!Systematic. Captain’s Log is based on a structured hierarchy of cognitive skills and continually builds on what has been learned.
Check!Developed by mental health professionals for professional use. The system is completely customizable for the unique needs of each client and helps professionals quickly and easily document progress.
Check!Cost Effective. You can choose to pay as you go at a low, yearly purchase cost, or select our unlimited use licensing, which allows you to run as many clients as you wish for as long as you wish at one computer. Ask a BrainTrain rep about our Professionally Assisted Learning (PAL) program that enables you to reinforce the cognitive training you do in your office with home training.

What about research?

Captain’s Log is based on a large body of cognitive training research. The research offers substantial evidence supporting cognitive rehabilitation as an efficacious treatment for improving memory, attention, visuospatial, language, and communication skills. For more about the research, click here.

What are people saying?

“…His teachers didn’t think that it was really his work, and they didn’t believe that he could really change his performance in such a significant manner. We had to write a letter to the medical school to document the cognitive training.”

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What’s inside Captain’s Log?

Captain’s Log is a whole library of brain training exercises, but if you like, you can take it one step at a time! The fifty multi-level programs in the Captain’s Log system are organized into three training sets, which may be purchased individually:
  • Attention Skills Training Set
  • Problem Solving and Memory Skills Training Set
  • Working Memory Training Set

Attention Skills Training Set

The Attention Skills Training Set is made up of three modules of Captain’s Log: Attention Skills Developmental Module, Visual Motor Skills Module, and Attention Skills the Next Generation.

Attention Skills Developmental Module

These eight programs begin with the simple exercises you need for clients with head injuries or developmental disabilities.
Visual Motor Skills Module

These seven popular programs play like video games but work to train hand-eye coordination, visual processing, and fine motor control.
Attention Skills the Next Generation Module

Use this set to further enhance higher level attention skills and memory. These three challenging programs continue building on the skills addressed in the Attention Skills Developmental module.

Problem Solving and Memory Skills Training Set

The Problem Solving and Memory Skills Training Set is comprised of the Conceptual Memory Skills, Logic Skills, and Numeric Concepts with Memory Skills modules of Captain’s log.

Conceptual Memory Skills Module
Train the ability to classify, discriminate, and apply abstract rules to specific decisions. You can customize these seven programs to target impulse control, working memory, processing speed, and logical reasoning.
Logic Skills Module

This module features five engaging programs to help improve executive functioning. Clients learn deductive reasoning, understanding of relationships between numbers and objects, and perception of how parts fit into a whole.
Numeric Concepts with Memory Skills Module

The challenging games in these five higher level programs train working, immediate, and short-term visual memory, deductive and inductive reasoning, visual discrimination, categorization and sequencing.

Working Memory Training Set

Cognitive training can help older adults maintain their brain power.Research supports that working memory is a vital part of executive functioning, and it can be trained successfully. This training set provides 625 hours of working memory training. The Working Memory Training Set is made up of three Captain’s Log modules: Real Life Working Memory, Working Memory Skills, and Auditory Working Memory.

Real Life Working Memory Module

These five programs are both practical and entertaining. Clients learn to put their working memory to work for them in real life situations.
Working Memory Skills Module

Help your clients learn to “think on their feet.” The five programs in this module train memory for names and faces, sequential pattern recognition, list recall, and more – skills that are vital for success in school and in life.
Auditory Working Memory Module
These five cognitive training programs focus on working memory and on auditory attention. Your clients with attention deficits will improve both their working memory and their listening skills.