BrainTrain Products for Personal Use

Captain's Log Personal Trainer Captain’s Log Personal Trainer: Our game-like brain-building software is used by professional cognitive trainers worldwide to build Attention, Reasoning, Memory, Self-Esteem, Listening Skills, Eye-Hand Coordination, Impulse Control, Quick Processing Speed…the basic skills you need to succeed in school and in life. Using our Personal Trainer, you can give your brain a daily workout! It’s like having your own Personal Trainer for the mind right inside your home computer! Only $295.00 per year, licensed for 1 player in 1 household.

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TNT Reading Tutor TNT Reading Tutor: The TNT Reading Tutor, the home version of TNT Reading, makes learning to read rewarding and fun. Based on over twenty years of reading research, it helps children grades K – 3 master valuable early reading concepts while they develop better memory, attention, and reasoning ability. Only $59.00 per player, per year.

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Memory Games Series BrainTrain Memory Games series offers you your choice of three editions for varying ages and levels of ability. The Primary Edition (PE) is geared towards children ages 6-12. The Adult Edition (AE) is for ages 13-99+, and the Challenging Edition (CE) challenges the most brilliant adult brains! Start training today!
SmartDriver Plus SmartDriver Plus is an entertaining, non-violent driving game designed to build cognitive skills and self-esteem in individuals who have difficulty processing information due to brain injuries, ADHD, visual processing disorders or learning disabilities. The game consists of forty-five progressive levels of difficulty for ages 6 through adult. It is used in conjunction with a USB steering wheel with brake and accelerator pedals to provide a fun, realistic driving experience.