IEP – Innovative Educators Package

Based on 25 years of clinical experience and neuroscientific research, the Innovative Educator’s Package is a highly economical, cost effective way for your school district to combine the latest discoveries in brain research, the power of computer technology, and trained dynamic teachers. BrainTrain’s remarkable series of computerized “brain-building” exercises can have a major impact on how you help your students with learning problems. Designed to help stimulate the growth of new connections between brain cells, the software can easily be incorporated into your student’s IEP.

This package can save your school district nearly $30,000!
“Both adults and children who have used the Captain’s Log in our district are very impressed with the format and design of the program and find that is easy to use. That is definitely a bonus for New York State teachers, where so much is demanded. The Children have worked hard to be successful and feel very challenged by the activities. Anything that motivates our children is golden.”

-Patricia Markus, M.Ed.
Special Education Consultant
Rochester City School District
Rochester, NY
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