IVA-AEThe IVA-AE (Advanced Edition), like the IVA+Plus, a combined visual and auditory continuous performance test of attention and response control. It is unique in that it is the only CPT designed specifically to help clinicians identify and measure attention problems in the adult population. The IVA-AE is normed for ages 18 – 50 (N=236, divided by gender). It can be used either alone or in conjunction with the IVA+Plus. The task is quite challenging – visual and auditory numbers from 2 to 8 are presented at one-second intervals; the task is to click when you see a 3 or hear a 5. Different numbers are presented simultaneously visually and aurally. For example, an auditory 3 may be presented at the same time as a visual 6. Thus, the subject is challenged to keep the rule in mind and maintain his or her attention to the task of making constant quick “go” or “no go” decisions. The verbal stimuli are spoken by a variety of different voices, and the numbers are displayed using a variety of different fonts. The clinician can opt to use the short version (10 minutes) or the extended version (20 minutes) of the test. The IVA-AE has excellent concurrent validity with the IVA+Plus.

Why do you need the IVA-AE?

The IVA-AE is especially important in helping clinicians to improve their assessment of adult clients, since teacher and parent rating scales are not available for this population. Since it is quite long and challenging, it may pick up problems in some adults who may be capable of maintaining their attention just long enough to succeed on the IVA+Plus, which is shorter and easier. In its extended version, the IVA-AE compares performance in the second half of the test with performance in the first half. It provides you with a useful measure of how mental fatigue affects your client’s abilities. In its short version, the IVA-AE makes an excellent, highly time-efficient screening tool.