IVA+Plus CPT Narrative Report Writers for Educators

IVAOur narrative interpretive report writers will save you many hours! The report writers interpret test results and write excellent comprehensive reports on the data. And in addition to simplifying your life, the reports provide you with the information needed to make the test even more useful in helping to accurately identify students with ADHD. The Clinician’s Report allows a selection of the level of detail included in the report. The report provides a clear concise summary of the key IVA+Plus data and can be pasted into a comprehensive psycho-educational report. Any of these reports can be used interchangeably for any one test session for a single, one-time charge.

ADHD Report

The ADHD Report uses the thirteen steps in the IVA+Plus interpretive flowchart to provide an in-depth report on the student’s attention and response control performance on the test. The ADHD Report classifies the IVA+Plus data as supporting or not supporting an ADHD diagnosis.
Sample ADHD Clinician’s Report
Sample ADHD Core Report

General Report

This report discusses in more general terms the student’s attention and response control performance on the IVA+Plus, but makes no assumptions about whether or not the data support ADHD. For use with head injury, pain patients, etc., where the student’s problems would not be attributable to ADHD. For both the ADHD and the General Reports, you can select the level of detail you want – Comprehensive, Core, or Clinician’s. The Comprehensive Report is lengthy and highly detailed; the Core Report presents the information more concisely. The Clinician’s Report quickly and clearly summarizes the IVA+Plus test results by including only those scales that are relevant to identified strengths and deficits. The Clinician’s Report is ideally suited for inclusion in a comprehensive psycho-educational report.
Sample General Comprehensive Report

Special Analyses

The IVA+Plus Narrative Report Writer license also provides unlimited access to the Special Analyses Scales of the IVA+Plus.

Mental Concentration Scale

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Mental concentration is considered a global measure of attentional functioning. There are four global scales which comprise the mental concentration analysis. These four global scales are: self-control, presence, resilience, and agility.
High vs Low Demand Analysis

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High vs. Low Demand Analysis is comprised of two global scales, competence and maintainability . Competence is a measure of functioning under high demand conditions. It consists of the four scales – Prudence, Steadiness, Stability, and Quickness. Standard scores and descriptive terms help the examiner to describe an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Maintainability is a measure of functioning under low demand conditions. It is comprised of the Acuity, Dependability, Reliability, and Swiftness scales. Comparison of an individual’s maintainability and competence are important in identifying whether the person has problems functioning under low and/or high demand conditions.
Sustained Attention Analysis
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The Sustained Attention Quotient provides a global measure of a person’s ability to respond accurately, swiftly and quickly in a dependable and reliable manner to stimuli under low demand conditions. In addition, it includes the ability to sustain attention and be flexible under high demand conditions. This global measure of sustained attention is comprised of the following scales: Acuity, Dependability, Elasticity, Reliability, Steadiness and Swiftness. These are reported as separate scale scores for both the auditory and visual modalities.
Malingering Analysis

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Based upon research published in the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, the Malingering Analysis is useful in cases where the clinician suspects that the student may be malingering.