IVA+Plus: Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (CPT)

As a busy clinician who is responsible for diagnosing attention disorders, you need a quick, reliable way to measure attention. While rating scales are valuable, they are subjective and can be manipulated. Personal observation, even by an expert, is also still subjective. Parents and clients want to see objective data and often question the legitimacy of the diagnosis or even the existence of a problem.

How can the IVA+Plus help you?

IVa+Plus CoverThe IVA+Plus is a short, EEG validated, computerized test that measures both visual and auditory impulsivity and inattention. In only 15 minutes, you get a wealth of objective data to confirm your clinical opinion, help improve your diagnostic accuracy, and track medication or treatment efficacy over time. The test’s 85 scales not only provide in-depth information about your client’s attentional functioning and impulse control; they also give you insight into learning styles and response patterns. And the visual graphs give you a clear, concrete picture of measurable data to help you communicate with parents, teachers, and healthcare providers.

Ten reasons to use the IVA+Plus test in your ADHD Assessments…

  • It’s easy to use and technologically up-to-date. It is administered using a PC (Windows Vista, 7, or 8), and test instructions are presented by the computer both visually and auditorially.

  • It saves time. IVA+Plus enables clinicians to measure and evaluate both auditory and visual inattention and impulsivity separately and simultaneously in approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

  • Objective data presented in a clear, concise format help you better communicate the aspects of ADHD/ADD symptoms to parents, teachers, and other healthcare providers.

  • It is convenient. Scoring is available immediately. Score changes over multiple test sessions can be quickly graphed, helping to identify and track treatment and medication effects.

  • It provides you with a rich data set. Extensively normed for both children and adults (ages 6 to 96), it provides over 85 scales when in-depth analysis is considered necessary.

  • It improves diagnostic accuracy. In a validity study, IVA+Plus correctly identified clinician diagnosed ADHD children 92.3% of the time and had a low positive rate of 10%.

  • It gives you insight into learning styles.

  • It is easy to learn to interpret on your own, or the optional report writer can do the interpretation for you. Reports can be pasted into a comprehensive psychological or educational evaluation.

  • It is economical. Buy as you go, or invest in a time-limited license that allows you to run unlimited tests. Either way, you get visual and auditory tests of attention and response control all in one.

  • IVA+Plus is well-normed and well-researched. It is the only continuous performance test that is EEG validated.

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