BrainTrain Memory Gym Series

Memory GymsResearch shows that working memory can be trained. BrainTrain’s Memory Gym series provides lively exercises designed to help your clients develop quick verbal thinking and processing abilities. While the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder focuses primarily on non-verbal cognitive skill development, the Memory Gyms target the training of verbal reasoning and language skills.

The Primary Edition (PE) is for ages 6-12. The Adult Editions (AE) are for ages 13-99+, and the Challenging Edition (CE) challenges the most brilliant adult brains!

Research studies support the premise that working memory can be an effective way of helping children with learning problems. The BrainTrain Memory Gym – Primary Edition features over 400 structured, game-like working memory exercises and a unique video game reward system that kids love, making it a useful partner for the therapist or educator working with children to improve visual and auditory attention, working memory, problem solving skills & mental processing speed.
The BrainTrain Memory Gyms – Bronze, Silver, and Gold - each feature over 200 structured, game-like working memory exercises specifically for your adult clients. Developed by a neuropsychologist, these memory gyms are designed to help enhance the cognitive skills of individuals who are experiencing cognitive challenges.
The Bronze level is for your clients with significant problems.
The Silver level targets mild cognitive difficulties.
The Gold level is for your high-functioning adult clients with concerns about their memory or attention and who want to maintain their mental acuity as they age.
This brain gym is for the higher functioning adult who loves a mental challenge. Contains 200+ demanding working memory exercises requiring speed and mental flexibility.


“I thought I was ahead of the curve until I experienced the Memory Gyms. This is user-friendly advanced technology at its best.” – Lisa Robateau-Epps, CCC-SLP, Robateau & Associates, LLC, Brooklyn, NY

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