SmartMindArtifact Free EEG Biofeedback PLUS Great Games!

Your clients will have a great time playing SmartMind Pro’s fun, engaging games while they learn to control their brainwaves with this remarkable, artifact-free neurofeedback technology (patent pending). They can climb trees, build robots, win races against the computer, and even control a DVD or CD – all with their mind- power! SmartMind Pro accurately measures EEG activity, filtering out “on the fly” the muscle and eye movement artifact that impairs accurate readings in other systems.

Customize a training plan for each client.

SmartMind Pro’s Training Plans Module makes it easy to systematize the training, targeting the specific areas that need attention. You can integrate any of the games you have added to your system into your plan – the Captain’s Log Brain Games, the MindPower Games, or the NeuroSport Games. A full-featured customizable graphing system tracks progress.

Great games to motivate your clients!

The SmartMind Pro software itself features captivating games. But in addition, you can engage your clients’ interest with a whole library of accompanying games to keep them motivated and to enhance their brain power.

  1. NeuroSport Games
    Using only their brain power, your clients of all ages can learn to excel at shooting baskets, kicking field goals, playing soccer, fishing, and more!

  2. MindPower Games
    These entertaining “video games” interact with the neurofeedback. The client must maintain his SmartMind Pro EEG “zone” while he engages in playing the game, which he controls with the mouse, keyboard, game controller, or touchscreen. The better he concentrates, the more points he scores. Great for improving hand-eye coordination, visual processing speed, and focus!

  3. Captain’s Log Brain Games
    Research supports the effectiveness of combining neurofeedback with cognitive training to improve attention and response control (Tinius & Tinius, Journal of Neurotherapy, 2000). In these Brain Games, the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training System is adapted for use in tandem with SmartMind Pro. The client develops the ability to access a mental state to optimize learning, then works with the Brain Games to improve executive functioning.

Did you know you can use SmartMind Pro software with other neurofeedback equipment?

If you love the SmartMind Pro software but want to use other neurofeedback hardware, there are other systems that support SmartMind Pro:

  • Thought Technology FlexComp

  • Thought Technology ProComp 8 Infiniti

  • Thought Technology ProComp 5

  • Thought Technology ProComp 2

  • Thought Technology ProComp+

  • BrainMaster Atlantis I (requires a license code for usage)

  • BrainMaster Atlantis II (requires a license code for usage)

  • BrainMaster 2E (requires a license code for usage)

  • BrainMaster 2EW (requires a license code for usage)

  • BrainMaster Discovery 24E (requires a license code for usage)

  • J&J Engineering C2+

  • Pocket Neurobics Pendant EEG

  • Neurosky MindSet

  • Neurosky MindWave

  • QPET

  • PET 2.0

  • WaveRider CEO

  • WaveRider 2cx

  • WaveRider Pro

Or choose our lightweight, battery-powered, wireless system or our USB EEG station. Both come with all of the supplies and accessories you need to get started, including electrodes.

We offer hands-on SmartMind Pro training!

Click here to learn more about and/or register for our hands-on training workshops which make it easy for you to get started using the SmartMind Pro Neurofeedback system even if you have no experience with neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback).