Attention Gym AE – Adult Attention Exercises

AttentionGymThe BrainTrain Attention Gym is designed to help your clients, ages 13 and up, achieve greater life success by improving their attention to detail, listening skills, and concentration. Designed for adults with cognitive impairments as well as individuals who want to stay sharp, the exercises range from simple tasks to activities that are quite challenging.

The Attention Gym’s easy-to-use Wizard helps you to quickly configure a customized training plan for each individual. Progress is automatically measured and graphed, and the records can be printed for your convenience. Based on the Captain’s Log MindPower system, this new series provides 180 unique multi-level exercises arranged in a progressive, structured approach.

The Attention Gym features a reward system consisting of seven different types of game breaks. While enjoying these entertaining “video” games, the client can monitor her own state using the optional BrainPower system, which requires a MindWave headset. The BrainPower system helps foster a positive, alert, relaxed, focused mental state. Click here to purchase the NeuroSky MindWave device

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