BrainTrain’s Diversity Statement

BrainTrain acknowledges that both conscious and unconscious personal biases, stereotypes and assumptions about human behavior can be detrimental to interpersonal relationships and harmful to the individuals involved in these relationships. This is the case whether these attitudes are manifested verbally or nonverbally, or through overtly or subtly aggressive actions, policies or procedures. BrainTrain recognizes that regardless of our intentions to be free of racist, sexist or homophobic attitudes, none of us is immune to the biases to which we have been habituated by society and inheritance.

Recognizing the harm arising from these attitudes and actions and acknowledging the enrichment to all members of an organization fostered by a diverse, multi-cultural environment, BrainTrain is committed to the following policies:

  • Promoting an open, supportive, and multi-culturally responsive environment in its operations and relationships, and responding actively to actions, issues or policies that violate or block multi-cultural diversity.
  • Developing knowledge in its workshop trainees and the employees who serve them about cultural factors in the delivery of mental health care as these factors relate to BrainTrain’s products. 
  • Engendering a deeper awareness of attitudes and actions related to multiculturalism by actively soliciting feedback pertaining to issues of race, culture, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation from its employees and trainees.
  • Assessing and monitoring its workshop presentations, work climate, corporate policies, ongoing operations and organizational practices as they relate to the goal of multiculturalism. Such monitoring will be the responsibility of the highest level personnel within the BrainTrain organization.
  • Holding all BrainTrain personnel responsible for helping in the ongoing effort to provide a work environment that is free of discrimination harassment, both overt and subtle.

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