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April 2018:  Real-Time Artifact Corrected Neurofeedback Works Better!

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October 2017:  Real-Time Artifact Corrected Neurofeedback Works Better!

June 2017:  Does cognitive training have real-life benefits?

February 2017:  Live Long and Prosper with Brain Training

January 2017:  BrainTraining Leads to Hippocampus Growth

September 2016:  Could Brain Training Prevent Dementia?

August 2016: IVA-2 CPT: Is it valid for Spanish speaking populations?

July 2016: Neurofeedback shows promise for improving reading

June 2016: The Role of Objective Measures in ADHD Diagnosis

May 2016: Research shows brain training in school can improve classroom behavior

April 2016: The Dollars and Cents of Ignoring Mental Illness

March 2016: If they can’t pay attention, how can they learn?

February 2016: Making the Case For Neurofeedback

January 2016: New Study Shows Multidisciplinary brain training works!

December 2015: Thinking Outside the Gym – Cognitive Training vs. Aerobic Exercise

November 2015: Using Cognitive Training to Help Parkinson’s Patients

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