Captain’s Log MindPower Builder Pricing

BrainTrain only distributes its products to educators or health care professionals who can then arrange for school, office and/or home use of the appropriate software for that individual. For more information on this policy, please visit


Station Licenses  
1 Station, 5 Years, Unlimited Players$3,995Can update 1- to 5-yr license
within first 30 days.
1 Station, 1 Year, Unlimited Players$1,495 Can update 1- to 5-yr license within first 30 days.Purchase
High Volume Pricing Available on Request
Single Player Pro Licenses  
1 player, 1 year$395Purchase
5 players, 1 year$995$199 per player/yearPurchase
10 players, 1 year$1,295$129.50 per player/yr.Purchase
NeuroSky MindWave Mobile$199Purchase
Please Call for Cloud License Pricing 

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