Captain’s Log MindPower Builder

Your clients of all ages will discover how exciting it can be to exercise their brain power! This comprehensive mental gym offers you over 2,000 different challenging brain training exercises targeting 20 different cognitive skills.

The Captain’s Log MindPower Builder is used by psychologists, educators, neuropsychologists, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, and other clinical rehabilitation specialists throughout the United States and in many other countries. This powerful brain training tool is designed to help improve memory, attention, perception, reasoning, planning, judgment, general learning, and overall executive functioning.


You can easily create a customized brain training exercise plan…

The MindPower Builder provides the flexible options, controls and ease of use you need to create a customized cognitive training program for individuals with a wide variety of abilities. You are always in control, with the ability to start, stop, alter, skip, and structure all of the brain training exercises. With the MindPower Builder’s easy-to-use wizard, you can “test and train,” using a built-in set of special evaluation exercises to create fully customized and targeted training plans for children and adults. These evaluation exercises can be re-administered at any time to update the individual’s training plan or demonstrate progress. If you prefer, instead of using the test and train option, you can create and modify a unique brain training protocol by manually selecting the exercises you wish to use or by selecting the specific cognitive skills you wish to target.


Track Progress…

Progress is automatically measured and is available in both data and graph formats. The system automatically adjusts to keep the trainee challenged.


Entertaining Game Breaks…

The Captain’s Log MindPower Builder features fun and motivating video game breaks that provide a built-in reward system to encourage players to do their best. These brain games are an option that can be included in any training plan and, while they are entertaining, they can also help build important cognitive skills. Click below for a few examples.


Cloud Technology and Remote Training…

You can now train players remotely using BrainTrain’s secure Cloud technology. Just install the program on your client’s computer, and upload your customized training plan to the Cloud. The program will automatically download the training plan to his computer. You can access his data via the internet and modify the training plan remotely. All of his training results at home and in your office will automatically stay in sync. Your data are saved online in an encrypted format without any identifiers and are completely secure.


Optional EEG biofeedback training

Enhance the power of your cognitive training by incorporating simple, dry-sensor neurofeedback into your training protocol. Using the NeuroSky MindWave device, you can help your client learn to develop a calm, happy, alert, relaxed mental state while he completes the training exercises. If you choose to include this “BrainPower” option, some of the “video” games can be controlled totally by the client’s brainwaves.

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