Captain’s Log Testimonials

“Captain's Log MindPower Builder is my choice for the #1 brain training program because it is effective across all ages and clinical categories. It improves with each iteration and is easy to use for practitioners and clients alike. I finally have one of the tools I've dreamed of. It allows Sparks of Genius clients to achieve brain training results that last, transfer to important areas of their lives, and act as a springboard to future accomplishments.” Dr. Rohn Kessler, Sparks of Genius - Optimum Brain Training, Boca Raton, FL. Sparks of Genius
“I have been using the BrainTrain cognitive training software for about nine years and am consistently amazed by client outcomes. How do we build protocols for our clients? The IVA reports are extremely useful in helping me determine what specific cognitive areas to focus on; the Captain’s Log, and SmartDriver software provide an extremely accurate and targeted approach to my cognitive training.

“One of my clients, a 55 year old man, with a post 5-year right brain injury regained use of much of his prefrontal cortex. Prior to his program at Advantage Learning Solutions he was unable to engage in conversation. He could not stop to listen and/or stop to gather his thoughts and then respond intelligibly. Now, engaging in conversation using critical thinking skills and planning and executing tasks related to his daily life and future are not only possible for him, he feels like he has gotten his life back. His physician was convinced this could never happen but now credits our work with him as the factor that created his change.

“Individuals who have never been able to learn to read and who lack focus and attention resulting in poor academic progress and limited social skills go from being several years behind academically and behaviorally to being at the top of their classes. The big difference: cognitive training using BrainTrain programs.” Lonnie Rae Smith, Educational and Cognitive Stimulation Consultant. Advantage Learning Solutions, Vancouver, WA.

Another success story from Lonnie Rae Smith!
“A great program for children and adults with attention problems or brain injuries. Its very motivating and fun for them to use and it works!” – Byron Schreck, SLP-CCC
“The elegance of this therapy is the ways it can work with those at most any level of functional deficit to deliver improvement. As a brain professional I use Captain’s Log because it works, and I am passionate about it because it is the product I credit with restoring my brain…Many treatments offer the chance to get into a normal range of function. Normal was not enough for me; I wanted recovery and that is what I aimed for. In the beginning I was driven because I was afraid and needed to prove to myself that I could still function. Now I am passionate about living and doing things that matter.” – Dr. Amy Price
Read the full story of Amy’s inspiring recovery!
“My greatest joy has come from experiencing the success high school seniors with ADHD have shared with me. They worked with the Captain’s Log diligently for 4-6 months before college. Out of 8 I have worked with, 7 have later informed me that they were able to attain a grade point average of B or better within their first year of college.” – Dr. M. James Grosenbach Lapeer, MI
“Modoc Work Activity Center, which provides services for developmentally disabled adults, has been using Captain’s Log since 1997. Our Consumers are thrilled when they pass a stage and move on to the next one. Each Consumer moves at their own pace and Staff is able to easily track their progress. It is a win/win, the Consumers like the challenge and sense of accomplishment; the Staff likes the data collection abilities of the program.” Paul Mitchell, Director. Sep 7, 2012
“I love helping others who have learning issues (ADHD and dyslexia) improve their performance. IVA, Captain’s Log, and SmartDriver help me and my clients. Here are some of the successes I have had:

“A high school student diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia used Captain’s Log through 4 years of high school. He maintained a 4.0 GPA, was a National Merit Scholarship finalist, and scored a 35 on his ACT!!

“A 49-year-old law student diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia was failing law school. BrainTrain’s software and Optiminds’ brain building programs helped her graduate from law school!

“An 11-year-old Downs Syndrome student, with the help of BrainTrain’s software and Optiminds, is now able to sit and focus! When he first came he could not read; he is now reading phonetically at a second grade level!

“BrainTrain saves my life every day!” – Jane H. Stewart, Ph.D. Optiminds Royal Oak, MI
“My pediatric clients have made significant gains in a short period of time while having fun with the computer games. The visual and verbal feedback combined with the display of score achieved after each task motivates them to take on greater challenges.” – Jennifer Fleming, OTR/L, BCP ABC Pediatric Therapy Miami Shores, FL
“The young man had been a community college student who was bright but did not have the concentration and focus to get the grades that he wanted to achieve. After finishing college, he had applied to medical school. His MCat scores were not adequate to enter medical school in the US. He applied to numerous medical school programs outside of the country and was admitted into a foreign medical school. In the middle of his first year of medical school, he came to us, as he was not getting passing grades, and the school was suggesting that maybe being a doctor wasn’t the best idea. We did an assessment and introduced him to the Captain’s Log and neurofeedback. He did neurofeedback and Captain’s Log for six sessions over a period of two weeks. Then he promised to use the Captain’s Log program on his own 30 minutes per day for 6 months. After 2 months, he reported back to us that he was now getting between 88 and 92 on his tests in medical school. His teachers didn’t think that it was really his work, and they didn’t believe that he could really change his performance in such a significant manner. We had to write a letter to the medical school to document the cognitive training. He finished his promised 6 months of Captain’s Log training, has continued to average between 88 and 94 on all of his medical school exams, and is very happy.” – Michael Mark, Psy.D. Psychological Fitness Centers, Los Angeles, CA.
“After many years of working with Brain Injury, ADD, LD, Aphasia, etc., I am pleased to see an in-depth, systematic, programmed method for approaching these populations. Thank You!” – Jill Joyce, Ph.D. Memory Loss Prevention & Recovery Margate, FL
“I have used the Captain’s Log System to train individual’s showing a marked split between the WISC-IV VIQ and PIQ in favor of the VIQ. In four cases, the PIQ increased by approximately 20 points from the Average range to the Superior range of functioning.” – Irna Wolf, Ph.D. Phoenix, AZ
“Dear Colleague: For the past six months here at Shasta College we have been using the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training Software System as the key component of our training program for brain injured students. Because of your interest in this field, I want to take the opportunity to share with you our excitement over the great success our students are realizing from participating in this program. This group of students includes a wide range of disabilities, from severely disabled (motor function, memory, reasoning, attention, etc., being greatly impaired) to learning disabled (with only mild impairment in one or two areas). Some of them are many years post-injury. We are seeing students from every level benefit from using Captain’s Log. When starting the program, each student is carefully evaluated, both by use of a worksheet that evaluates abilities and disabilities and through specific testing. An individual treatment plan is then made for each student to follow. This plan may involve many different things, but its main component is Captain’s Log. In just a short period of time (in some cases as little as nine weeks) we are seeing great improvement in these students’ abilities in memory, in reading and in all the other basic cognitive areas covered by Captain’s Log.Most exciting of all, we are seeing these skills generalize into daily living and improve the students’ quality of life! The individuals showing the most improvement and the biggest generalization are those who spent a minimum of one hour, three times a week working with Captain’s Log. It seems to be very important that they start at an appropriate level in each category and carefully follow their individual plan. The plan is set up to slowly increase the difficulty in each area as the student demonstrates increased proficiency by achieving at least ninety percent correct with each level of parameter settings. We highly recommend Captain’s Log for your consideration. We are excitedly looking forward to the things that are still to come for our students as they continue to use this program.” Bobby Roberts High Tech Center Shasta College Redding, CA
“I’m a mother of a child with ADHD and Aspergers. I also teach to students with learning disabilities. Our school, Incredible Horizons, utilizes BrainTrain’s software and we’ve had such great success developing cognitive skills in our students, not to mention my son!” – Roni Stockdale Parent and Teacher Melbourne, FL
About all of BrainTrain’s Products… “My name is James Ochoa and I’m a licensed counselor in Austin, Texas and the executive director of The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC). At TLEC we create life long strategies for success and BrainTrain software has been one of our most useful strategies since 1996. I began using the IVA CPT for my assessment. This software alone has allowed me to gain insight into client attention difficulties at very in-depth levels. The IVA CPT is a regular and necessary part of my evaluations. AT TLEC we also use SmartDriver and Captain’s Log software. The SmartDriver program recently helped a 16 year old client, who had inattentive type attention problems and multiple car wrecks as a result, train her attention to help her drive safer. The software also allowed her parents to have an objective measure to see how she was progressing. The Captain’s Log software has been used effectively by TLEC as well. An older adult client who had severe inattention while attempting to concentrate on boring routine tasks at work, which were critical to his job, used the Captain’s Log to help train his ability to attend much more effectively. In fact, he increased his ability for visual focus over 2.5 standard deviations, as measured by the IVA CPT, with the regular use of Captain’s Log and the use of medication. Even without medication, his ability to focus was almost 2 standard deviations higher! TLEC, under my supervision, will continue to use the BrainTrain software as the center continues to expand.” – James Ochoa, LPC The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC) Austin, TX
“Two of three veterans who were issued the ‘free-to-veterans’ Captain’s Log program have reported good response in the areas of attention, concentration and memory functions expressing gratitude for the program.” – Valerie Tallman VAMC Marion, IL
“Both adults and children who have used the Captain’s Log in our district are very impressed with the format and design of the program and find that it is easy to use. That is definitely a bonus for New York State teachers, where so much is demanded. The children have worked hard to be successful and feel very challenged by the activities. Anything that motivates our children is golden.” – Patricia Markus, M.Ed. Special Education Consultant Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY
“My son has experienced dramatic results from working with BrainTrain’s software. We had tried many other methods and spent a tremendous amount of money trying to help our child. Finally, he achieved great results from these programs. As a parent of a child with special needs, I tried desperately to find anything that would help. Once you start seeing results with this program, it just gets better and better. You can see your child make the “connections” and his new abilities will be noticed by everyone in your child’s life. My son quickly made more social connections, his impulsivity reduced dramatically, mood changed (he is a much happier kid), and he has gained the motivation to do well. His anger has reduced, his ability to think before acting improved, he has clearer thinking and probably more benefits to him than we are aware. The software is fun and engaging and we did not have trouble “keeping up with the program. By using this program you will begin to see the child you knew you had, who was hiding somewhere, just waiting to be found. Highly recommended.” – Alex B.
“My son has a severe brain injury and has been using BrainTrain software for a few years now. The BrainTrain computer programs have increased his attention span and short term memory greatly. I would recommend this software to everyone that wants to improve their brain power, especially if you have a learning disability.” – Joy H.
“When I first brought my son to see Dr. Sandford, he was struggling with his school performance and he didn’t like to go to school. He would often space out and get off task. He was fidgety, easily bored and frequently needed redirection. After using the Captain’s Log program, my son has improved his grades and his ability to get his schoolwork done quickly. We worked at home with the Captain’s Log program and my son really loved the programs. He no longer shows signs of hyperactivity. And, most important, he no longer battles me about getting his homework done. he is able to get his work done much quicker. Recently, my son told me he had a surprise for me – He made the Honor Roll! Overall, he is a much happier kid. I would highly recommend the Captain’s Log software to other parents whose kids are struggling with academic performance and have ADHD.” – Jean M.
“After using the Captain’s Log program, my husband has returned to his job and is doing quite well. The Captain’s Log program was worth the money to help him recover from his TBI.” – Jill S.

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