“My mind is coming back from a long vacation. Concentration, focus, accuracy are all coming back.”

“When I first started BrainTrain, I thought I was hopeless. I thought ‘No way can I make a comeback,’ but I was wrong. BrainTrain has helped me immensely. When I first arrived here I couldn’t remember hardly anything. But now I would say that this is by far, the best program I have had the privilege to be a part of.”

“What has BrainTrain done for me? Before I began, I really thought I had irreversible memory loss. In just the few weeks I have been working with the program, my recall, attention span and over all awareness has increased more than I would have thought possible. I can see new hope for my future and my life.”

These are just a few examples of the wonderful comments we hear daily. They were shared with us by Carol Berger, an Occupational Therapist working with veterans in Oregon. She writes,

“I have been using the Captain’s Log and more recently, the MindPower Builder, for several years in my cognitive skills training program for Veterans with brain injuries. I have kept a notebook in the computer lab and asked participants to write testimonials about the effectiveness of the program. The Vets have given me permission to share them anonymously. Feel free to let others know how your system has not only made significant improvements to their cognitive function, but has given them hope. I would like to express my appreciation for your continuing interest in helping the Veterans who have done so much for us.”

And thank you, Carol, for your wonderful work with the vets.

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