Home Usage of BrainTrain Products

BrainTrain understands that many individuals are interested in the possibility of using its professional brain training products to help themselves or family members. However, it is our experience and recommendation that any individual with a significant impairment in attention or other cognitive skill areas be personally evaluated by an appropriate health care or educational professional. This professional can then identify the relevant causal factors for a specific person’s impairments and help develop a comprehensive treatment plan and appropriate accommodations or interventions. In addition, training will need to be appropriately supervised and modified in order to maximize its effectiveness. It needs to be kept in mind that brain training per se is not typically fun nor necessarily entertaining and must be implemented in such a way as to challenge a person, but without stressing him or her. Thus, motivational guidance and goals will need to be provided by the trainer along with positive reinforcement to maximize an individual’s training efforts.

In brief, brain training is generally only successful when trainees consistently engage in the training; making their best effort and working systematically under the direction of either an educator or health care professional who has experience in the field. Professionals who use BrainTrain’s products are listed on our website and they need to be contacted directly to determine if they provide the help that is being sought. Consequently, BrainTrain only distributes its products to educators or health care professionals who can then arrange for school, office and/or home use of the appropriate software for that individual.

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