How to Print and use a Rating Scale Offline

From the "Administer Test" screen, click the "Print Rating Scale" button. This will generate a printable copy of the selected rating scale with the test taker's information completed.
Once the paper Rating scale is returned, click on the "ADHD Rating Scales" button from the main options screen and click on the button for "Enter Answers" (#3) near the bottom. You will then be given the opportunity to transfer over the answers entered on the paper scale to the electronic form for grading. It is recommended that you do this while the individual who completed the scale is either present or available to be spoken with because any answers that are incongruent with one another will need to be reviewed and corrected before saving.
Once all the answers have been entered and any incongruent answers are corrected, click Save. A window will appear confirming that the rating scales were successfully saved.
Once you have downloaded the completed questionnaires, you can generate a report that incorporates the results. The IVA-2 includes five separate reports that utilize the rating scale data: the Clinical Report, the Detailed Report, the Comprehensive Report, the Standard Report, and the Rating Scale Report. Samples of all five can be found at

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