How to run an IVA-2 Clinical Report

The IVA-2's Clinical Report is a comprehensive way to integrate a client's clinical data simply by answering a series of relevant key questions necessary for diagnosing ADHD.
On the IVA-2 main menu, click on the "Reports & Data Analysis" button.
Select the client record for which you would like to run the report.
On the following screen, click the "Clinical Report" button. You can choose to include the Rating Scale data (if completed), and a Malingering Evaluation in the report.
Select the specific test administration from your client's record for which to run the report.
You will be guided step-by-step through the Clinical Report Questionnaire. Questions pertaining to the client's symptoms and behaviors will be asked, as well as relevant factors, and treatment approaches. You will also be given the opportunity to include any recommendations you wish to make. The examples below are simply a few of the questions asked. There are also check boxes for optional clarification reminders.
If a Rating Scale has been completed for the client, you can incorporate the symptom scores into the report.
iva2mesaclinicalIf a MeSA Assist data has been completed for the client, you can incorporate the symptom scores into the report.
Based on the your input about this individual and the test data, you will be provided with one or more possible diagnoses to consider. You can then proceed with making your clinical diagnosis by selecting or entering it.
After completing the questionnaire, the Clinical Report will be generated automatically and opened in IVA-2's built-in Word-compatible editor, giving you the ability to make any changes you wish. A full sample of an example report can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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