A library of evidence-based brain training tools for your students!

The IEP targets the executive skills students must have in order to excel academically – attention, working memory, self-control, processing speed, and more.

Evidence based
Research supports the efficacy and practicality of computerized cognitive training in the school setting
Programs are based on neuroscientific insights into how the brain learns.
Each student works at his own pace on his own Individualized cognitive training plan.
Perfect for your RTI needs
Training goals are matched to each student, increasing levels of intensity accelerate learning, and outcomes are tracked and recorded.


All included in one big economical package.

For each software product listed below, you get 25 Stations, each licensed for unlimited students for five years!

Captain’s Log MindPower Builder – Provides over 2000 cognitive exercises, targeting twenty different cognitive skills.
TNT Reading – Focuses on the seven components that research has shown have the greatest impact on a child’s ability to learn to read – letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonic skills, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention. WINNER OF SIX AWARDS!
Your choice of any BrainTrain Memory or Attention Gym (or mix and match up to 25 stations) – Structured, game-like exercises to improve working memory, verbal skills, and mental processing speed.
Two days of hands-on staff training at your site – The creator of the software will train you to help your students become eager, effective learners!

IEP Package Pricing can save your school district nearly $30,000!

If you purchased the programs included in the Innovative Educator’s Package a la carte, your investment would cost you $47,980. You get all of this for only $199.96 per station per year, unlimited students at each station.

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The IEP is evidence-based. 

Research supports the efficacy and practicality of computerized cognitive training in the school setting

Utilizing Computerized Cognitive Training to Improve Working Memory and Encoding: Piloting a School-Based Intervention, D. Wiest, et al., Education, 2014
In this study, thirty students, ages 9 – 13, participated in research to determine if integrating BrainTrain’s Captain’s Log program into a regular school day could improve working memory and encoding capabilities. All of the participants were identified as having learning-related delays that qualified them for academic support services. In this study, all of the participants made significant pre- to post improvements in visual and auditory working memory and in verbal encoding. The results of this study provide strong support for incorporating cognitive training into the school setting.

Effects of Educational Technology Applications on Reading Outcomes for Struggling Readers: A Best Evidence Synthesis, Best Evidence Encyclopedia, A. Cheung, et.al., 2012
A randomized trial was conducted by Rabiner et al. (2010) to examine the effectiveness of two computer-based interventions for students with attention difficulties – the Captain’s Log system and Destination Reading. Seventy-seven first graders from five low-SES public schools in the southeastern United States were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: Captain’s Log (n=25), Destination Reading (n=27), and control (n=25). Participants were well matched on pretests and demographics. Students in the Captain’s Log group scored significantly higher than both the controls and the Destination Reading group on reading outcomes measures. Results of this study show initial support for generalization of cognitive enhancement to academic skills in the classroom.

Computer-Based Attention Training in the Schools for Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Preliminary Trial, N.J. Steiner, et al., Clinical Pediatrics, 2011
In this study, two computer-based training systems were employed to teach children with ADHD to be more attentive. Forty-one students with ADHD from two middle schools received two sessions per week at school of either neurofeedback or attention training using the Captain’s Log. On Conners’ Rating Scales and BASC subscales, parents of students in both groups reported significant changes in behavior and attention.

A Randomized Trial of Two Promising Computer-Based Interventions for Students with Attention Difficulties, David L. Rabiner, et al. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 2010.
This controlled study examined the impact of computerized attention training and computer assisted instruction on attention and academic performance in 77 inattentive first grade students. Persistent attention problems were shown to be associated with poorer academic performance. Students who initially presented with greater attention difficulties (6 or more inattentive symptoms) showed the greatest potential for longer-term benefits from computerized attention training. Participants in the attention training group also showed significant gains in reading skills. Results of this study provide initial support for attention training in the classroom.

For more research, please visit our RESEARCH PAGE.

What do people say about using BrainTrain’s programs with students?

“Both adults and children who have used the Captain’s Log in our district are very impressed with the format and design of the program and find that it is easy to use. That is definitely a bonus for New York State teachers, where so much is demanded. The children have worked hard to be successful and feel very challenged by the activities.”
Patricia Markus, M.Ed.
Special Education Consultant
Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY

“Individuals who have never been able to learn to read and who lack focus and attention resulting in poor academic progress and limited social skills go from being several years behind academically and behaviorally to being at the top of their classes. The big difference: cognitive training using BrainTrain programs.”
Lonnie Rae Smith
Educational and Cognitive Stimulation Consultant
Advantage Learning Solutions, Vancouver, WA.

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