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    Education Professor Examines Neurofeedback As A Non-Medicinal Alternative For ADD/ADHD Jeff La Marca, Ph.D., assistant professor of special education, has completed a study which provided further research into the use of SmartMind 3 EEG training, otherwise known as neurofeedback, as a potentially useful non-medicinal method to improve focus and concentration for individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. In this study, La Marca evaluated how movements of the eyes and facial muscles (termed artifacts) affected the ability to accurately read brainwaves. Read More
    BrainTrain President to be presented with Corporate Citizen Award BrainTrain is proud and honored to be the recipient of the Corporate Citizen Award given by the Brain Injury Association of New York State. The award recognizes exemplary companies whose business has contributed to improving the quality of life and care of those living with brain-related injuries and challenges. The award letter states, “Your work … Read More
    Helping Veterans with Brain Injuries “My mind is coming back from a long vacation. Concentration, focus, accuracy are all coming back.” “When I first started BrainTrain, I thought I was hopeless. I thought ‘No way can I make a comeback,’ but I was wrong. BrainTrain has helped me immensely. When I first arrived here I couldn’t remember hardly anything. But now … Read More
    Surprising Finding! Cognitive Training with Captain’s Log improves bookkeeping skills A group of university business students received 20 hours of cognitive training using the Captain’s Log system to evaluate whether cognitive training could improve their bookkeeping productivity. An active control group received 20 hours of computerized arithmetic training. The results showed that the students in the cognitive training group improved by 79%, as measured by … Read More
    One Person Can Make a Difference Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan often struggle with memory loss, difficulty concentrating, organization, slow mental processing and poor decision making. These impairments resulting from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD can have a profound impact on their return to normal lives. Statistics show significant increases in depression, substance abuse, and suicides. For many … Read More
    Five Keys to Successful Brain Training for the Skillful Brain Coach The following five key brain training rules can help clinicians better understand how cognitive training works and the role of the “Skillful Brain Coach” in the process. #1 TIME Clients must work for a minimum of 30 minutes five days per week for at least 10 weeks. Most will need to complete at least 20 hours of … Read More
    Can adults with MCI prevent or slow their cognitive decline? Researchers at the Brain and Mind Research Institute of the University of Sydney have announced the start of a large-scale study to investigate the effectiveness of combining two promising interventions in helping to combat age-related cognitive decline leading to dementia. Research suggests that the dietary supplement, Creatine, and computerized cognitive training using BrainTrain’s Captain’s Log … Read More
    Cognitive Training Improves Job Performance? Recent research showed that cognitive training using the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training system significantly improves speed and accuracy on bookkeeping tasks. The study was conducted by Amit Lampit and Michael Valenzuela from the Regenerative Neuroscience Group, Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, and Claus Ebster from the University of Vienna. In the study, 48 business … Read More
    Struggling Readers: Attention Training is the Key Drs. Cheung and Slavin (2012) have found in their review of reading research that training using the Captain’s Log MindPower exercises improved the reading skills of students more than specific reading software. Students in the Captain’s Log group scored higher than the control groups on two measures of reading skills with a medium strength effect … Read More
    Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Early Intervention is Key in Fight against Rising Prevalence and Healthcare Costs According to a recent USA Today article, rates of Alzheimer’s diagnosis are expected to triple by 2050. With the average cost to Medicare for an Alzheimer’s patient being more than three times the cost for patients without Alzheimer’s or other dementia, this increase in the number of people developing Alzheimer’s represents a huge fiscal issue … Read More
    Latest Alzheimer’s Research Supports the Opportunity to Prevent or Slow the Onset of Dementia For individuals at risk of early onset of Alzheimer’s the latest research shows that the physiological changes often start 20 years before the onset of dementia. These individuals are typically in their 40s when Alzheimer’s bio-markers in cerebrospinal fluid are first identifiable. Fifteen years prior to the onset of dementia, MRI scans will often show … Read More
    American Academy of Pediatrics Consensus on Brainwave Biofeedback: “Level 1 – Best Support” Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its “Evidence-based Child and Adolescent Psycho-social Interventions” and elevated Brainwave Biofeedback to “Level 1 — Best Support” as an intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity Behaviors. Click here, to view the Intervention Report. The other brain training intervention referred to as Working Memory Training continued to stay at … Read More
    New Study: Neurofeedback and SmartMind to Help Students ISNR Award winner Jeff La Marca has partnered with BrainTrain for new research into the use of Neurofeedback to help students. The study seeks to show SmartMind Pro‘s effectiveness in improving reading achievement in students with ADHD. Read More
    Comprehensive Cognitive and Mental Rehabilitation Transforms Brain Injured Soldier Sgt. Victor Medina returned home from Iraq in the Summer of 2009 after suffering a severe brain injury. He received a concussion while serving his country during a roadside blast. His impairments made it very difficult for him to perform activities of daily living and his doctor told him he had to stop driving. He … Read More
    Brain Injury Mental and Physical Problems Persist for Years The latest research from the University of Oklahoma finds that a significant number of severe cognitive and physical problems continue to persist eight years after the date of a post-concussion syndrome event for individuals who experienced head trauma or blast injuries. Th effects of these types of injuries do not easily fade away over time with … Read More
    New Stem Cell Found in the Brain Recent research findings have discovered a new stem cell in the adult brain that can transform into new brain cells. This research was completed at the famous Lund University in Sweden. The research team was led by Dr. Gesine Paul-Visse and he is hopeful that this work will lead to a better understanding of how … Read More

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    Attention Impairments Identified in COVID-19 Survivors
    Researchers are invited to use BrainTrain’s IVA-AE2 Test of Attention in their studies of
    COVID-19 “Brain Fog” free of charge.
    10/15/20 Click for full PDF
    FREE ADHD Test App for K-12 Schools from BrainTrain 10/03/20 Click for full PDF
    New BrainTrain TNT Reading System includes Neurofeedback:
    TNT is the fun way to learn to read, develop attention and build memory power.
    09/25/20 Click for full PDF
    Announcing BrainTrain’s New TechTools: MemoryXCel and MemoryTrain 09/07/20 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Releases Test of Attention and Executive Functioning for In-Home Testing 09/07/20 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Releases Quick Screening Test for ADHD 12/14/15 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Offers Research Grant 06/02/14 Click for full PDF
    Can Computerized Brain Training Help Employees Stay Sharp in the Workplace? 10/09/13 Click for full PDF
    Researchers to Test the Effectiveness of Combining Computerized Brain Training and Creatine in Combating Age Related Cognitive Impairment 09/25/13 Click for full PDF
    For Adults Who Are Losing Their Minds: Announcing BrainTrain’s New Cognitive Training/EEG Brainwave Biofeedback Combo 05/17/13 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Memory Gym for Children Wins Mom’s Choice Award 02/15/13 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Announces Cognitive Training Software Giveaway to Veterans Hospitals 01/25/13 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Announces Partnership with Elizabeth Shatner’s All Glory
    12/21/12 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Announces Release of New Memory Training Software 07/26/12 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain’s TNT Reading Tutor Wins Mom’s Choice Award 05/12/12 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain’s TNT Reading Tutor Wins TopTenREVIEWS’ Silver Award 04/13/12 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain Announces Reading Software Giveaway 02/21/12 Click for full PDF
    BrainTrain’s New Software Features Video Game Interface and Working
    Memory Training to Build Reading and Learning Skills
    04/20/10 Click for full PDF

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