IVA-2 for Educators – Test of Visual and Auditory Attention

The IVA-2 CPT is Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software that helps school psychologists evaluate both visual and auditory attention and response control functioning. It includes free online, self-scoring ADHD parent, teacher, and self-rating scales and a report writer that helps guide you in your evaluation. By following a step-by-step process, you can examine the various factors needed to help you complete an evaluation that includes the student’s clinical history, presenting symptoms, other psychological issues, clinical observations, rating scale results, and the IVA-2 test results. You can quickly create a report based on your comprehensive evaluation and can then modify that report using the built-in, MS Word compatible word processor. It is possible to administer, score the test, download the ADHD rating scale results, and create an integrated and comprehensive report in less than an hour!

Many clinical disorders described in DSM-5 include impairments in attentional functioning and self-control. There are also numerous medical and environmental factors (e.g., poor sleep, jet lag, colds, headaches, etc.) that can lead to impairments in attention or self-control that can impact IVA-2 test performance which clinicians will need to consider in their evaluations. Published research has identified that the IVA-2 CPT is a sensitive and valid measure for identifying clinical impairments typically occurring in ADHD populations. Using the IVA-2 CPT with children (ages 7 to 12 in this particular study), found that it had a sensitivity of 92% in identifying individuals diagnosed by a clinician as having ADHD. The IVA CPT also correctly identified the 90% of non-ADHD children (i.e., false positives = 10%). Another validity study for a typical mixed age clinical population (ages 6 to 55) found that as part of a clinician’s comprehensive psychological evaluation, the combination of the ADHD rating scale data with the IVA-2 CPT matched the clinical diagnosis 90% of the time. In addition, this study did not misclassify 89% of individuals who did not have ADHD (i.e., 11% false positives). A summary review of the key IVA-2 CPT research is available by clicking here.

The IVA Decision Support Software is both QEEG and fMRI validated. What does this mean?
The use of the IVA-2 requires that it be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional who has expertise in the use and interpretation of psychological tests. The test is not intended to be used as a stand-alone or primary diagnostic instrument and its interpretation requires that the clinician determine by direct observation that the IVA-2 CPT was validly completed. By itself, this test it does not identify the presence or absence of any specific clinical diagnosis. The purpose of this psychological test is to provide standardized measures of the various aspects of attentional and impulse control functioning which examiners can consider in making their clinical diagnosis as part of a comprehensive evaluation. For more information about the IVA-2 and a sample of a clinician generated report, click here.

“Since 1996, I have routinely included the IVA CPT in most of my assessments of school age children. Within a half hour, I have objective data to supplement observations, subjective teacher/parent ratings and other assessment tools. The IVA CPT demands both auditory and visual attending, requiring the child to continuously switch back and forth between the two. Of course, successful attending in the classroom demands ongoing visual-auditory shifting. This program typically supports ratings or raises concern when more overt indicators of inattention (especially with girls) are lacking…Last of all, the IVA CPT has the computer-scoring built into the program. I administer it, get immediate results and can easily cut and paste the scores into my psychological reports. Without question, I highly recommend this assessment tool.” – John Harrison, School Psychologist, Midlothian, Virginia

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NEW!  Remote Testing

Now you can have the freedom to administer the IVA-2 at multiple locations without having to pay full-price for additional stations. For a one-time fee, you can add a special license to administer the IVA-2 from a second location. This license automatically renews at no additional charge when you renew your IVA-2 license. The new IVA-2 remote testing option allows you to administer tests from other locations online, on your iPad  or even on your iPhone. Test data are uploaded back to your PC and are accessible only from your “master” IVA-2 license. Data are securely encrypted, and no PHI goes online.

Here’s how it works: from your IVA-2 license on your PC, you can generate codes to use IVA-2 test administrations you have purchased on your iPad or iPhone. You can then use the iPad or iPhone to administer those tests in a different location. The iPad or iPhone functions as a “clicker” so no external mouse is needed. You will, however, need headphones or external speakers. Once you have administered a test, the data will automatically upload back to your IVA-2 PC in the office.

If you prefer to administer your tests online, you can invest in an online remote testing license, which allows you to administer tests remotely from the Internet on any computer that supports the Chrome browser, including Macs or Surface Pros. As is the case with the iPad remote testing license, the data are automatically uploaded back to your IVA-2 PC once a test is completed. Test data are stored only on your actual IVA PC, not on the Internet or the remote testing device.

What reports are available?

DSM-5The IVA-2 Report Writer provides four main interpretive reports – Clinical, Standard, Detailed and Comprehensive. ADHD rating scale results can be integrated into these reports. The reports provide progressively more in-depth interpretation and analysis of the test’s 82 scales. In addition, five types of supplemental reports provide you with in-depth analyses of your student’s auditory and visual strengths and weaknesses. When appropriate, clinicians can include an assessment of possible malingering into their reports.

Clinical Report – Guides school psychologists in evaluating the various factors important in their diagnostic decision making process. Compatible for use with the DSM-5®, the clinical report helps the examiner integrate his clinical observations with the student’s clinical history, presenting symptoms, other environmental or psychological issues, rating scale results, and IVA-2 data, to complete a comprehensive evaluation. The resulting succinct, one-page report can be quickly modified using the built-in IVA-2 word processor and also enables the examiner to include his recommendations and accommodations.

Standard Report – Provides the essential information needed to help the clinician develop a diagnosis. It reviews the test validity and provides an overview of the Global IVA-2 scales, then guides the examiner in formulating his diagnosis and integrating the test results into a comprehensive evaluation. Descriptions of the different IVA-2 scales, what each scale measures, and what types of response errors affect each scale score can be found in the section below titled Summary of IVA-2 Scales.

Detailed Report – Uses information from the IVA-2 test, available rating scale data, and information regarding the presence of ADHD-type symptoms before the age of twelve, if applicable, to help the examiner interpret the IVA-2 test results. This detailed review of the test results helps guide examiners in identifying ADHD symptoms relevant to their diagnostic decision process.

Comprehensive Report – Provides an in-depth report to help clinicians fully understand the test results. The Comprehensive Report includes all of the scales reviewed in the Standard and Detailed reports and also provides additional component scale data and interpretation of all of the scales in a more detailed format. This report provides an in-depth review of test results to assist clinicians in their evaluation of individuals with complex symptoms and suggests possible interventions for the examiner to consider.

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The IVA-2 system includes ten different types of data analyses that present detailed test scores and data in table, graph and descriptive formats. Six of these analyses directly support the available reports. Also, the following four analyses are available: Malingering, Quintile Response, Response Time Distribution, and Response Data.

The IVA-2…

  • is a 15-minute test for use by mental health and medical professionals.

  • includes free online parent, teacher and self ADHD rating scales.

  • provides a report writer that enables clinicians to create a one page summary report based on their comprehensive evaluation.

  • is compatible for use with DSM-5®.

  • helps to assess possible malingering.

  • can easily be administered by a technician.

  • provides nine unique interpretive reports to help the examiner to better understand their clients’ attention and response control problems.

  • utilizes ten different data analyses to provide in-depth information in both table and graph format to aid clinicians in interpreting the test scores and data.

Free Rating Scales

ADHDRatingScalesThe IVA-2 CDS Software system provides the option to include up to nine FREE parent, teacher, and self ADHD rating scales that can be completed online. The rating scales are auto-scored, and summary data are confidentially downloaded to your computer. There is no identifying information ever available for any client online. To maintain confidentiality, the IVA-2 automatically generates unique random ID, passwords and identifiers for each individual. The IVA-2 is a test that helps you in your comprehensive evaluations. Note: You must administer a test to access the IVA ADHD rating scales.

Click here to view samples of the questionnaire: Sample 1 Sample 2

The IVA-2 is a great time-saver for you and helps you to better serve your students’ needs.

DSM-5 is a trademark of the American Psychiatric Association.

The use of the IVA-2 CDS software is intended only for use by licensed healthcare professionals with the appropriate training and experience in the administration and interpretation of this type of psychological test. This CDS software is not intended to be used as a standalone diagnostic instrument and by itself does not identify the presence or absence of any clinical diagnosis. The intended function of this CDS software is to aid providers in their analysis and interpretation of standardized measures of attention and response control functioning as part of a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. The system requires healthcare providers’ clinical input, validation and decision making in order to effectively use its suggestions and guidance in helping them in their diagnostic determination process.

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