The IVA-2 CPT is decision support software that helps clinicians test and evaluate both visual and auditory attention and response control functioning. It includes free online, self-scoring ADHD parent, teacher, and self-rating scales and a report writer that helps guide clinicians in making their diagnosis. By following a step-by-step process, you can evaluate the various factors needed to help you accurately diagnose ADHD in accordance with DSM-5 guidelines. Using the report writing system, you can complete an evaluation that includes your client’s clinical history, presenting symptoms, other psychological issues, clinical observations, rating scale results, and the IVA-2 test results. You can then make a diagnosis based on your comprehensive evaluation and can modify your report using the built-in, MS Word compatible word processor. It is now possible for you to administer, score the test, download the ADHD rating scale results, and complete your integrated and comprehensive report in less than an hour!

Validity research using the IVA CPT with children ages 7 to 12 had a sensitivity of 92% in identifying individuals diagnosed by a clinician as having ADHD. The IVA CPT also correctly identified the 90% of non-ADHD children (i.e., false positives = 10%). Another validity study for a typical mixed age clinical population (ages 6 to 55) found that as part of a clinician’s comprehensive psychological evaluation, the combination of the ADHD rating scale data with the IVA CPT matched the clinical diagnosis 90% of the time. In addition, this study did not misclassify 89% of individuals who did not have ADHD (i.e., 11% false positives). A summary review of the key IVA CPT research is available by clicking here.

The IVA Decision Support Software is both QEEG and fMRI validated. What does this mean?
The use of the IVA-2 requires that it be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional who has expertise in the use and interpretation of psychological tests. The test is not intended to be used as a stand-alone diagnostic instrument. By itself, it does not identify the presence or absence of any clinical diagnosis. The function of this psychological test is to aid examiners in making their diagnosis as part of a comprehensive evaluation. For more information about the IVA-2 and a sample of a clinician generated report, click here.


“The IVA-2 has an incredible number of new features and ways of looking at the data. The report option will meet any needs you have and are wonderfully user-friendly. Report writing can be onerous and time consuming, but with IVA-2 it’s a dream. I liked the old IVA+Plus, but when the new IVA-2 came out – whooo!” – Anthea Stroman, R.N., Daniel Lowrance, Ph.D., Cales Psychology, Arlington, TX

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NEW!  Remote Testing

Now you can have the freedom to administer the IVA-2 at multiple locations without having to pay full-price for additional stations. For a one-time fee, you can add a special license to administer the IVA-2 from a second location. This license automatically renews at no additional charge when you renew your IVA-2 license. The new IVA-2 remote testing option allows you to administer tests from other locations online, on your iPad  or even on your iPhone. Test data are uploaded back to your PC and are accessible only from your “master” IVA-2 license. Data are securely encrypted, and no PHI goes online.

Here’s how it works: from your IVA-2 license on your PC, you can generate codes to use IVA-2 test administrations you have purchased on your iPad or iPhone. You can then use the iPad or iPhone to administer those tests in a different location. The iPad or iPhone functions as a “clicker” so no external mouse is needed. You will, however, need headphones or external speakers. Once you have administered a test, the data will automatically upload back to your IVA-2 PC in the office.

If you prefer to administer your tests online, you can invest in an online remote testing license, which allows you to administer tests remotely from the Internet on any computer that supports the Chrome browser and Flash, including Macs or Surface Pros. As is the case with the iPad remote testing license, the data are automatically uploaded back to your IVA-2 PC once a test is completed. Test data are stored only on your actual IVA PC, not on the Internet or the remote testing device.

Remote testing should be administered only under the direct supervision of a qualified health care professional or technician. Remote Testing is not intended for use as a Home assessment to be administered without the presence of a qualified observer on site.

The IVA-2…

  • is a 15-minute psychological test for use by qualified healthcare professionals.

  • includes free online parent, teacher and self ADHD rating scales.

  • provides a report writer that enables clinicians to create a one page summary report based on their comprehensive evaluation.

  • is compatible for use with DSM-5®.

  • helps to assess possible malingering.

  • can easily be administered by a technician.

  • provides nine unique interpretive reports to help the examiner to better understand their clients’ attention and response control problems.

  • utilizes ten different data analyses to provide in-depth information in both table and graph format to aid clinicians in interpreting the test scores and data.

Free Rating Scales

How to use the IVA-2 Rating Scales – CLICK HERE
Once a test is administered, up to nine free parent, teacher, and self ADHD rating scales can be completed online. The rating scales are auto-scored, and summary data are confidentially downloaded to your computer. There is no identifying information on any client online. To maintain confidentiality, the IVA-2 automatically generates a unique random ID and password. The IVA-2 is a great time-saver for you and helps you to better serve your clients’ needs. Note: You must administer a test to access the rating scales. Click here to view samples of the questionnaire: Sample 1 Sample 2.
DSM-5 is a trademark of the American Psychiatric Association.


The use of these psychological tests requires that they be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. They are not intended to be used as standalone diagnostic instruments and by themselves do not identify the presence or absence of any clinical diagnosis. The function of these psychological tests is to aid examiners in making their diagnosis as part of a comprehensive evaluation.

The IVA-2 is a test of attention like all CPTs. The fact that the IVA-2 was found to significantly correlate with both QEEG and fMRI measures of attention provides validation that it truly measures what it was designed to measure (i.e., attentional functioning). Both QEEG and fMRI measures of attention have been found in various research studies to be useful in identifying individuals with ADHD and differentiating them with clinical efficacy.In light of the value of QEEG, the FDA approved a new QEEG based test last year after determining that it had sufficient clinical accuracy to be medically appropriate for use in helping clinicians in their diagnostic process when evaluating ADHD symptoms. This test was based in part of the research completed over 15 years ago by Dr. Joel Lubar and Dr. Vince Monastra, who identified the clinical sensitivity of QEEG analysis in classifying individuals with ADHD.

Thus, the IVA-2 test’s validity as a useful tool in the diagnostic process of clinicians is partly based on the fact that it is an accurate measure of the underlying psychophysiological processes of attention confirmed by independently completed research studies.


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