IVA Comparison Chart – Which test works best for your practice?





Primary PurposeIn-depth analysisQuick screening testIn-depth analysis
Assesses Both Visual and Auditory ModalitiesYESYESYES
Age Range for Norms6-96 (N=1700, divided by age/gender)6-96 (N=1700, divided by age/gender)18-50 (N=236, divided by gender)
Test Length15 minutes8 minutesShort Version: 10 minutes
Long Version: 20 minutes
Free Online Parent, Teacher, and Self Rating ScalesYESYESYES
Number of Test Scales823281
Malingering IncludedYESNONO
Test-Retest ReliabilityHIGHHIGHHIGH
Technician Can AdministerYESYESYES
Standard 3-Year License with Report Writer?
Charged Per Test and Per Report
YESYES (test purchase includes reports)YES
Deluxe 3- Year License with Report Writer
Unlimited Tests. Reports Purchased as Needed
Premium 3-Year License with Report Writer
Unlimited Tests, Unlimited Reports
Remote Testing License Available?YESYESYES
Number of Types of Data Analysis10410
Number of Different Types of Reports Available10210
Purchase Only Tests Without Reports?YESNOYES
Built-In Word Processor for ReportsYESYESYES
Clinical Report to Guide ExaminersYESYESYES
Comparative Report for Evaluating Interventions or ChangesYESYESYES
Integrates ADHD Rating Scales into Clinical ReportYESYESYES
Tech Support and Updates Included for Duration of LicenseYESYESYES
Clinical Accuracy90% * More Info87% * More Info81% * More Info
Standard ReportYESYESYES
ADHD Rating Scale ReportYESYESYES
Comparative ReportYESYESYES
Clinical ReportYESYESYES
Detailed ReportYESNOYES
Comprehensive ReportYESNOYES
Sustained Attention ReportYESNOYES
High/Low Demand ReportYESNOYES
Sensory Modality ReportYESNOYES

* Clinical Accuracy of Test combined with built-in ADHD Rating Scales (Sensitivity to ADHD Dx)
** Clinical Accuracy of Test only (Mean of Sensitivity, Specificity, NPP and PPP)

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