1. How does the IVA-QS differ from the IVA-2?

    We have assembled a visual chart to compare the IVA-QS and IVA-2. Please visit THIS page for details.

  2. What kind of reports are in the IVA-QS and what do they include?

    There are four different types of reports in the IVA-QS. Please refer to THIS page for samples.

  3. Do I get access to the Data Analyses in the IVA-QS?

    Yes. The IVA-QS comes with a Standard Scale Analysis and a Comparative Analysis. Examples of both can be found HERE.

  4. What is the difference between the Data Analyses and the Reports?

    The Data Analyses provide a review of the test findings in graph/chart format. The Reports are a written interpretation of the test findings, which can be edited in the software’s built-in word processor.

  5. How do I purchase IVA-QS Licenses and/or Tests?
    1. Double-click on the IVA-QS icon on your desktop.
    2. Click on the Registration & Support.
    3. Once the test has been registered, you may purchase tests, reports, or renewals by clicking on the relevant buttons. These will lead to our website. Access to an internet connection will be necessary.
    4. After receiving a purchased license or test code, click on Apply Test License or Apply Renewal License to enter the code.
    5. The upper right-hand corner of the screen will indicate whether test licenses or renewal licenses were successfully applied by updating the new number of tests remaining or the new number of subscription days remaining.

    To purchase license renewals, or tests, you will need to use a Customer Password that is initially assigned to you by BrainTrain. This password is different from the system password which is used to control access to the test. You can renew your license at any time; you do not have to wait until your test license has expired. You can also add as many tests as you wish provided your test license is active; you do not have to wait until you are out of tests to order more. IVA-QS will prompt you to renew your license when your subscription is set to expire within 30 days and will prompt you when the number of remaining tests is less than 5.

    Once your subscription has expired, you will be able to view previous test results and reports, but you will not be able to update the product, purchase new tests, purchase new reports, or receive any technical support. If your registration license expires and you do not renew within 60 days, you will no longer be able to receive the special discounted renewal price. It is recommended that you renew online as soon as possible after you have been notified that your subscription will expire in the near future.

  6. Where do I find the IVA-QS manual?

    Once you are on the main menu in the IVA-QS, there is a green “Help” button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking that will lead you to the full, built-in software manual, which can be printed to PDF or as a hard copy.

  7. What if the person tested does not identify as either male or female?

    The IVA-QS norms for males and females do differ. We only have norms for these two sexes. In the case where a person does not identify as either male or female, examiners can complete Analyses and Reports using both the male and female normative database. Please note that there is no additional charge for running multiple analyses or reports.  A clinical decision can then be made as to which normative set is in accordance with their comprehensive clinical assessment. In general, male and female test responses differ the most for younger individuals in comparison to older people.
    If a substantial degree of impairment is identified, then it is likely that both male and female analyses will prove helpful in identifying specific attention and response control deficits.

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