IVA-QS Report Examples

Clinical ReportProvides clinicians with a way to integrate an extensive amount of clinical data into a draft preliminary clinical report. To prepare the report, the IVA-2 test requires that the clinician answer a series of relevant key questions necessary to confirming or refuting a diagnosis of ADHD.
Standard ReportProvides the essential information needed to help guide the clinician in developing a diagnosis. It reviews the test validity and provides an overview of the Global IVA-QS scales.
Comparative ReportCompares data from any two test administrations for the purpose of evaluating treatment interventions, or identifying changes due to various factors.
Rating Scale ReportProvides the examiner with a summary of symptoms based solely on the ADHD rating scales. It includes a description of the ADHD symptoms and a summary of the ADHD rating scale data collected.
Standard Scale AnalysisUsed to obtain a quick overview of the data interpreted in the Standard Report. It helps the examiner identify how an individual performed relative to others’ of the same sex and age group.
Comparative AnalysisProvides a clear visual comparison between the quotient scale scores of two selected tests. These graphs and tables offer a quick way to review and assess any changes in functioning after treatment has been completed. In addition, it can also provide data to assess the effect of medication interventions and or changes in medication dosage levels.

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