iva-qsThe IVA-QS (Quick Screening) is decision support software that helps clinicians in quickly testing and evaluating clients for both visual and auditory attention in only eight minutes. The IVA-QS includes FREE online computer-scored ADHD rating scales, and a FREE clinical report writer with built-in word-processing capability. Normed for ages 6 to 96 (N=1700, divided by age and gender), the IVA-QS provides the complete package of tools to help you accurately screen for ADHD in both children and adults.

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How can the IVA-QS help you? 

DSM-5The IVA-QS is ideally suited for quickly screening clients to detect problems with attention and response control. When used in combination with its built-in rating scales as part of a comprehensive evaluation, the test has been found in a new validity study to be 87% accurate in helping clinicians diagnose ADHD in accordance with DSM-5 guidelines. The use of the IVA-QS requires that it be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional and be used in combination with a comprehensive clinical evaluation. The test itself is not to be used as a stand-alone instrument in making a diagnosis, but does provide examiners with suggestions to aid them in interpreting the results. The test-retest reliability was found to be very high for all major test scales. CLICK HERE for more information about the IVA-QS Validity and Reliability Studies.

The comparative analysis and report provide assistance to clinicians in evaluating the effectiveness of various types of treatment interventions. For more information about the IVA-QS reports and data analyses, and for samples, CLICK HERE.

The IVA-QS has high concordance validity with the IVA-2. However, since the IVA-QS is shorter, it saves time and resources. Test administration is simple; the test can be easily administered by a technician. Data analysis is presented in colorful, easy-to-read graphs and tables, as well as in narrative format. Online Parent, Teacher, and Self Rating scales are integrated into the clinical report and are automatically computer scored. Each test administration includes the ability to create an unlimited number of reports.

NEW! Test on your iPad or iPhone!

Use your iPad or iPhone as a Remote Testing Device (RTD) and administer the IVA-QS anywhere. All you need to do is to add an RTD license to your IVA-QS station license, and you can do a full day of screening out of the office. READ MORE


Free Rating Scales

ADHDRatingScalesThe IVA-QS provides you with Parent and Teacher Rating Scales for children and Self Rating scales for adults. Included free with each test administration and automatically computer scored, the rating scales may be completed and submitted online using any tablet, smartphone, or computer with internet access. The data are encrypted, password-protected and contain no identifiable PHI data, thus they are fully HIPAA compliant. Click here to view samples of the questionnaire: Sample 1 Sample 2

How are test results presented?

The IVA-QS provides two analyses – Standard, and Comparative. These analyses present the data in the form of charts, graphs, and numeric scores. In addition, narrative, interpretive reports are included with each test administration at no extra charge. You can choose between four types of interpretive reports – Clinical, Standard, Comparative, or Rating Scale. All reports can be customized using the built-in IVA-QS editor and saved in Word or PDF format.

The Clinical Report guides the examiner in evaluating the various factors important to their diagnosis of ADHD. It is compatible for use with DSM-5, and helps the clinician integrate their clinical observations with the client’s clinical history, presenting symptoms, other environmental or psychological issues, rating scale results, and IVA-QS data as part of their comprehensive evaluation. Based on the clinician's input, a succinct one-page clinical report is generated and can be modified as needed. This report also enables the examiner to specify their recommendations and accommodations. Using the clinical report, clinicians can make their final diagnosis based on their professional judgment. This report can then be quickly edited using the built-in IVA-QS word processor.
The Standard Report helps guide clinicians in interpreting the IVA-QS data and enables them to integrate it with ADHD rating scale and other clinical data. This report helps aid clinicians in formulating their diagnosis and integrating the test results into a comprehensive evaluation. This report is about two pages long.
The Comparative Report enables the examiner to compare two separate test administrations. It can be used by physicians to help them in determining the effectiveness of a therapeutic intervention. It can also be used as an aid in helping the examiner evaluate the impact of any accidents, injuries, or disorders that may have impaired attentional functioning.
The ADHD Rating Scale Report helps the examiner interpret the IVA-QS ADHD rating scale scores and provides important clinical data to consider as part of a comprehensive evaluation of clients who present with ADHD-type symptoms.

All report documents are generated in an IVA-QS word processor, which is compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 version or higher, as well as other word processing programs.

Click here to view examples.

“I’ve been an IVA system user since 1998 and have directly observed this wonderful professional tool that has helped me to assist others in making positive life changes and transforming their daily experiences. The new IVA-QS has once again demonstrated to me the power and effectiveness of this tool as a primary mechanism in the assessment of ADHD. I don’t know what I would have done without it, because it has had a transformative impact upon my practice. I am grateful to the test developers for their having taken the time and effort to bring this wonderful tool to practicing professionals. The new version format (IVA-QS) is very easy to use and provides more data than one could have ever hoped for. I marvel at both the simplicity and complexity of this wonderful instrument. I feel very grateful to have the IVA-QS as one of my primary evaluation tools.” – John Garlock, Ph.D., Family Resource Center, Houston, TX

The IVA-QS is easy to use.

Special user-friendly features make the IVA-QS exceptionally easy to use.

  • Easily accessible help files are available throughout the system.
  • Your subscription period and number of test administrations you have available are continually displayed on the main menu screen.
  • Purchases of additional tests and subscription renewals are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Billing help is provided to guide both physicians and therapists in the current appropriate codes for testing and report preparation services.
  • If you have questions or technical problems, just click on the Tech Support button in the software, and the information you submit will automatically be sent to BrainTrain technical support. (Online technical support is available as well.)

Are you ready to get started?

If you are a qualified healthcare professional, why not try the IVA-QS? Just click here to submit your user qualifications. Once you have been approved, BrainTrain will email you the download and registration instructions to give you two free IVA-QS test administrations. Special “Getting Started” files will guide you during set-up and initial use. We offer two economical options for purchasing the test. Choose the one that works best for your testing needs.

DSM-5 is a trademark of the American Psychiatric Association.

The use of these psychological tests requires that they be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. They are not intended to be used as standalone diagnostic instruments and by themselves do not identify the presence or absence of any clinical diagnosis. The function of these psychological tests is to aid examiners in making their diagnosis as part of a comprehensive evaluation.

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