IVA+Plus K-12 School PackageScreen your students for attention problems – quickly and easily

The IVA+Plus is a 15-minute integrated visual and auditory test of attention and response control (CPT). It gives school psychologists and special educators a wealth of detailed data all in one concise, easy-to-use instrument. Since you get unlimited testing at each computer station, you can use the IVA+Plus as a screening tool, to track progress, or as part of a student’s comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation.

Using the IVA+Plus you can find out if a student is a visual or an auditory processor, if she performs better under high demand or low demand conditions, and how long she is able to maintain focus.

The IVA+Plus K-12 School Packages include unlimited test administrations at one computer station for 3 or 5 years and the Narrative Report Writer Kit with 10 report usages (3 year license) or 25 report usages (5 year license).

Test Design

The main test task, which lasts approximately thirteen minutes, presents 500 trials of visual and auditory 1’s and 2’s in a pseudo-random pattern, requiring a set-shift between the visual and auditory modalities. The subject is required to click the mouse only when he sees or hears a “1” and to inhibit clicking when he sees or hears a “2.” During some segments of the IVA+Plus test, the “1”s are more common than the “2”s, creating a response set which “pulls” for errors of commission, or impulsivity. During alternate segments of the IVA+Plus test, the “1”s occur rarely; this invites more errors of omission, or inattention, since the subject must remain vigilant while he waits for a “1″ to occur.

The normative group (N=1700, ages 6-96) is divided by gender and grouped by age as follows: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-18, 19-21, 22-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-54, 55-65, 66-96. It is comprised only of people without known attention, learning, neurological, or psychological problems. Many different ethnic groups from a variety of geographical areas were included in the normative sample.

Why IVA+Plus?


Check! Is easy to use. It is automatically administered using a PC, and test instructions are presented by the computer both visually and auditorally. IVA+Plus’ natural-sounding voice provides a highly structured, standardized, easy-to-use administration procedure.
Check! Saves time. IVA+Plus enables the school psychologist to measure and evaluate both auditory and visual inattention and impulsivity separately and simultaneously in approximately 20 minutes. Computer generated scoring is available immediately for almost instant analysis.
Check! Helps the school psychologist to better communicate the aspects of ADHD symptoms to parents, teachers and other healthcare providers. IVA+Plus’ visual graphs give skeptics a clear, concrete picture of measurable data to support clinicians’ diagnostic interpretations.
Check! Is convenient. Multiple tests can be administered to the same individual and score changes quickly graphed, using the Investigator utility (included), to identify and track treatment and medication effects.
Check! Provides the school psychologist with a wealth of objective data. IVA+Plus’ unique integrated format provides a wealth of data, with over 85 scales available when in-depth analysis is considered necessary.
Check! Provides objective data to help school psychologists improve their diagnostic accuracy. In a validity study, IVA+Plus correctly identified clinician diagnosed ADHD children 92.3% of the time and had a low positive rate of 10%.
Check! Gives the school psychologist unique insight. IVA+Plus’ Attribute scales provide valuable data regarding learning styles and can help determine whether the student is a visual or auditory learner.
Check! Is easy to interpret. Using the same type of scoring system as IQ tests, IVA+Plus’ interpretation is familiar to clinicians and easy to learn. The IVA+Plus Narrative Report Writer (included in the K-12 School Package) provides a variety of different kinds of reports that can do the work of test interpretation. The reports can easily be pasted into a comprehensive educational evaluation.
Check! Is economical. The IVA+Plus gives you visual and auditory assessments of attention and response control all in one easy-to-use instrument.

What do people say about the IVA+Plus?

“It has been 15 years since I first started using the IVA-CPT in both elementary and secondary school settings. The IVA-CPT is easy to use and the manual included on the installation CD gives many possibilities for interpreting the child’s functioning. Also provided are numerous functional constructs which can be further researched as they relate to the child’s work habits and behaviors in the classroom setting. The IVA-CPT is efficient in terms of time, and has been a very nice addition to the rating scales which may be prone to respondent bias, in confirming or disavowing the presence of AD/HD. Having added the IVA-CPT data to my reports, I have found that this allows for medical personnel to make more informed and secure decisions as to whether or not to prescribe medication. Parents too understand the IVA-CPT as one part of the diagnostic process, and are more likely to follow recommendations for treatment.

I would certainly recommend use of the IVA-CPT to both school psychologists as well as clinicians in private practice.”

Drew Braytenbah
, School Psychologist, Midlothian, VA

“Since 1996, I have routinely included the IVA and IVA+Plus programs in most of my assessments of school age children. Within a half hour, I have an objective piece of data to supplement observations, subjective teacher/parent ratings and other assessment tools. The IVA+Plus demands both auditory and visual attending, requiring the child to continuously switch back and forth between the two. Of course, successful attending in the classroom demands ongoing visual-auditory shifting.

This program typically supports ratings or raises concern when more overt indicators of inattention (escpecially with girls) are lacking. Thus, the IVA+Plus has also been very effective in helping to distinguish between attending deficits with or without hyperactivity.

Last of all, the IVA+Plus has the computer-scoring built into the program. I administer it, get immediate results and can easily cut and paste the scores into my psychological reports.

Without question, I highly recommend this assessment tool.”

John Harrison, School Psychologist,
Midlothian, Virginia

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