In middle age, I made the decision to become a lawyer. But even after I had taken the Kaplan prep course and had retaken the LSAT two times, my scores were low. I applied to thirty law schools, and all but one turned me down.

During my first term of law school, I became very concerned, as I couldn’t keep up with the reading. So I dropped down from five classes to three. I also decided to have some psychological/educational testing done. According to the psychologist who did the testing, the results revealed ADHD inattentive type and “a reading disorder,” which I was told was not dyslexia. The psychologist suggested stimulant medication, and an accommodation of double time on tests. However, the school would only grant me time and a half.

Even after cutting back to three classes, I was still only able to make two Bs and a C. I was told that out of a class of about 1100, 40% of the students were on academic probation. About 20 or 30 of my friends/acquaintances failed out the next term. So I decided to go ahead and try the ADHD medication. My grades went from Bs and Cs to Cs and Ds in my second term. My third term my doctor started adjusting dosages, and my grades then dropped to Ds and Fs! Needless to say, I was very upset.

At this point, I went to Dr. Jane Stewart at OptiMinds for additional testing. Dr. Stewart administered the IVA to rule out ADHD and to clarify her diagnosis of dyslexia. She said that because of my slow reading speed, I would not be able to pass exams without being granted double time. She also stated that ADHD medications were making me worse, because dyslexia and ADHD are affected by two different areas of the brain.

At Jane Stewart’s recommendation, I started using the Captain’s Log 45 minutes per day; Dr. Jerry Wyckoff had used the software successfully in Overland Park, Kansas, 25 years earlier with my own daughter, who had ADHD.

Congruently, Dr. Stewart had me working with a program called EyeQ, which is designed to strengthen eye muscles. She also prescribed the use of Kurzweil 3000 and getting my law school books in audio format to enhance auditory processing. The next semester, my grades went back up to Cs; then the next term I cut down to two classes and earned a B and a B-minus. The following term, I took three classes and received two As and an A-minus. My two A’s were the highest grades in the class – Certificate of Merits. Realizing now that I could succeed in law school, I had the confidence to take four classes every term, and I made the Deans’ List almost every semester until I graduated. I passed the Florida Bar in 2010.

After passing the Bar, I went for a year without using the Captain’s Log, but I realized in 2012 that I needed to get back into the program. As a lawyer, I am now putting my legal knowledge and personal experience with BrainTrain’s software to use in helping to ensure that children with special learning needs and learning disabilities receive the help they need.

Jane Windsor

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