Twelve Key Features of the MeSA

  • Comprehensive multi-study research-based norms corrected for the person’s exact age and education level – Click here for MeSA-AE norms and here for MeSA-IE.
  • Integration of MeSA and IVA-2 test results in IVA-2 reports – Click here.
  • Step-by-step guidance in providing easy-to-learn standardized test administration steps.
  • Less judgmental non-verbal corrective feedback (i.e., a buzzer).
  • Computerized timing and error scoring.
  • Standardized scoring for easy comparison to IVA-2 and IQ test results – Click here.
  • Research based guidance for assessing the possibility of malingering.
  • The ability to differentiate in a relevant clinical way the different cognitive skills assessed by Test A (Attention Control) and Test B (Cognitive Flexibility) rather than using idiosyncratic ratio or difference scores based on raw test completion times – Click here.
  • A normative research-based standard score of overall test performance which is based on the combined time of Test A and B (Executive Control) – Click here.
  • The availability of alternative equivalent test forms for retesting.
  • Standard and in-depth clinical interpretative reports that can be easily customized.
  • Freedom to administer MeSA tests at multiple locations using an iPad.

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