MindPower Builder Testimonials from Veterans at the White City Oregon VA Hospital

“My mind is coming back from a long vacation. Concentration, focus, accuracy are all coming back, but I still need work.”

“I am amazed at how fast and well BrainTrain works for me. My memory has never been good with names of people but now it showed me a way to do it. Patience and concentration are so much better now.”

“When I first started BrainTrain, I thought I was hopeless. I thought ‘No way can I make a comeback,’ but I was wrong. BrainTrain has helped me immensely. When I first arrived here I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t remember hardly anything. But now I would say that this is by far, the best program I have had the privilege to be a part of. In my opinion, it would be very detrimental to a lot of Veterans if they were to lose it.”

“What has BrainTrain done for me? Before I began B.T. I really thought I had irreversible memory loss. In just the few weeks I have been working with the program, my recall, attention span and overall awareness has increased more than I would have thought possible…I have had problems with memory, concentration, depression, anxiety for many years. I can see new hope for my future and my life.”

“I am noticing so many daily changes in my life because my memory is slowly improving. Every day in BrainTrain appears to be making me more alert. I see things (notice) in nature that I paid no attention to before. And without losing my concentration, that is a huge change. Long way to go. I am so fortunate for BrainTrain.”

“I am building a music studio in my garage and I’m having a much easier time remembering measurements and doing calculations. I’m not only wasting less wood, I’m making fewer trips to the store to pick up things I forgot. I know this is an improvement because I did some renovation work at home in September (before BrainTrain) and I made a lot of mistakes and had to buy a lot more wood than I needed.”

“Now that I think of it, after my stroke, I didn’t read because I couldn’t get through one page. Last month, I read 6 books! I’m doing crossword puzzles and I never used to do that before.”

“BrainTrain helped me to enlarge my memory and helped me to remember names and faces together instead of just names. It has taught me more patience and that really helps me because it is so important in life. It also helps my concentration. I would recommend it to other Veterans.”

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