Captain’s Log MindPower Builder – School Edition

Evidence-based brain training solutions for your students

girlExercising brain power can add depth and excitement to your curriculum and may expedite and reinforce academic learning! This comprehensive mental gym offers you over 2,000 different exercises targeting twenty different cognitive skills, including visual and auditory processing speed, conceptual reasoning, working memory, response inhibition, visuospatial skills, fine motor control, and more – all skills that are critical to learning.

Brain-Based Learning – Designed by a neuropsychologist, the MindPower Builder is based on neuroscientific insights into how the brain learns. Click here to learn more

Evidence Based – Research using the MindPower Builder in schools supports its efficacy and practicality in the school setting. Students made significant pre- to post improvements in visual and auditory working memory, verbal encoding, reading, attention, behavior, and even bookkeeping skills! Results of these studies provide strong support for including cognitive training in your students’ school day. Check out some of the research here.

Easy to include in a student’s IEP – Students can work independently in any classroom. You can select the student’s grade level, and the program automatically creates a comprehensive brain training program, targeting up to twenty different cognitive skills.

Comprehensive – The wide variety of challenging tasks and the depth of the content can help you to be successful in remediating a variety of  cognitive skills for your students at almost any ability level. With over 2000 exercises, the MindPower Builder is the largest, most comprehensive set of cognitive exercises on the market.


Multidimensional – Enhance the power of your cognitive training by incorporating simple, dry-sensor neurofeedback into your training protocol. Using the NeuroSky MindWave device, you can help your students learn to develop a calm, happy, alert, relaxed mental state while they complete the training exercises. If you choose to include this “BrainPower” option, some of the “video” games can be controlled totally by the student’s brainwaves.

Motivating – A built-in reward system keeps your students motivated. Students will work more quickly to finish their seat work and earn computer time. Entertaining, video-game-like tasks break the routine of the exercises, rewarding their hard work and adding additional training in hand-eye coordination. Here are some samples:

Perfect for your RTI needs

Training goals are matched to the needs of each student, increasing levels of intensity accelerate learning, and outcomes are tracked and recorded.

After all, if they can’t pay attention, how can they learn?

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