Need to Test Remotely?

Now you can have the freedom to administer the IVA-2 at multiple locations without having to pay full-price for additional stations. For a one-time fee, you can add a special license to administer the IVA-2 from a second location. This license automatically renews at no additional charge when you renew your IVA-2 license. The new IVA-2 remote testing option allows you to administer tests from other locations online, on your iPad  or even on your iPhone. Test data are uploaded back to your PC and are accessible only from your “master” IVA-2 license. Data are securely encrypted, and no PHI goes online.

Test on an iPad or iPhone!

Here’s how it works: from your IVA-2 license on your PC, you can generate codes to use IVA-2 test administrations you have purchased on your iPad or iPhone. You can then use the iPad or iPhone to administer those tests in a different location. The iPad or iPhone functions as a “clicker” so no external mouse is needed. You will, however, need headphones or external speakers. Once you have administered a test, the data will automatically upload back to your IVA-2 PC in the office for analysis and reports.

Test online!

If you prefer to administer your tests online, you can invest in an online remote testing license, which allows you to administer tests remotely from the Internet on any computer that supports the Chrome browser and Flash, including Macs or Surface Pros. As is the case with the iPad remote testing license, the data are automatically uploaded back to your IVA-2 PC once a test is completed. Test data are stored only on your actual IVA PC, not on the Internet or the remote testing device.

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