If you are arriving at this page, your installed version of IVA-2 is not current.  Please follow the instructions below to update your installation of IVA-2 to the latest release and then initiate the purchase process again.  Alternatively, you can call BrainTrain sales directly to purchase tests/reports at (800) 822-0538.

Download/Update Instructions

To begin, click on the “Download” button below.

File Size: 255 MB
Version: 2017.2

A “File Download” box will appear. Next, click on the Save button. A “Save As” box will appear and you will need to select the subdirectory on your hard drive where this file will be saved. We recommend saving it to your “My Documents” subdirectory at the top level of your hard drive. The file name is IVA2-20172.exe. Please note that the file is large and will take time to download.

Once you have completed the download, use Windows Explorer to find IVA2-20172.exe in the subdirectory where you saved it. Installing the program requires that you have a user with Administrator permissions on the computer. Double-click on the IVA2-20172.exe to start the installation program. Then enter the password in order to install the program.

The password to run your IVA-2 download is ‘iva2-20172‘.

The IVA-2 icon will appear on your desktop so that you can easily find the program. To start the program and continue with the registration process, double-click on this icon.

You may also Submit a Ticket to request assistance directly from BrainTrain Technical Support.