Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan often struggle with memory loss, difficulty concentrating, organization, slow mental processing and poor decision making. These impairments resulting from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD can have a profound impact on their return to normal lives. Statistics show significant increases in depression, substance abuse, and suicides. For many of these individuals, cognitive training offers a solution, as they become engaged in improving their executive processing abilities –  active critical thinking, working memory and attention.

Using the evidenced-based Captain’s Log MindPower Builder, you can help these soldiers recover and regain their lost mental skills. Tricare now reimburses for cognitive rehabilitation, and some providers are volunteering their services as well. Based on the science of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis these soldiers, with your help, can rebuild their brain power and their lives. The secret is a commitment to the therapeutic process for twenty to forty hours of training, client motivation and coaching by a supportive brain coach knowledgeable in using a cognitive training system like the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder.

BrainTrain has given away more than half a million dollars in software to help veterans. We invite you to help those who have served our country. Be the person who makes a difference.

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