“I always knew I was smart. The people at Advantage Learning Solutions just helped me to turn on the lights.”

Reading TrainingSubmitted by Lonnie Rae Smith, Advantage Learning Solutions, Vancouver, WA

Both of Adam’s siblings struggled with reading. While his brother and sister eventually learned to read, Adam, in the third grade, was considered a non-reader.  Although he was able to actively participate in conversations about history, science, technology, and contemporary world events, he could not read, even at Kindergarten level.

His mother and father, both with doctoral degrees, struggled to understand why their son was not learning to read. They took him for help to a speech and language pathologist, as well as a psychologist, and both professionals diagnosed him as having severe dyslexia. His school agreed to provide accommodations and modifications, but these interventions were unsuccessful and his parents decided to home school him. Their goal was to help their son learn to read at his current grade level and then place him back in school hopefully without the need for any further remedial assistance or accommodations.

Adam’s mother had heard about Advantage Learning Solutions’ cognitive skill building program, and she decided to take him for an initial evaluation. Data collected in the evaluation included parent and teacher behavioral rating scales, IQ tests, the IVA CPT (a computerized test of attention) and the GORT-4 (Grays Oral Reading Test). Testing identified attention problems, and difficulties with auditory and visual processing that were likely to be the primary causal factors for Adam’s dyslexia. It was decided that Adam would be very likely to benefit from the brain re-training program provided by Advantage Learning Solutions, and his parents registered him in the program, which consisted of 36 training sessions.

Twelve weeks after completing the Captain’s Log cognitive training program at Advantage Learning Solutions, Adam was retested. His reading scores were found to have improved almost two grade levels in all aspects of reading skills, including rate, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. He was also observed to be more focused and attentive.

One year after he had successfully completed his individualized cognitive skill training program, Adam was re-enrolled in the public school system.  Now reading at grade level, he was able to keep up with his classmates.  In addition, based on academic test results he was placed in several honors classes.  When asked about his success Adam stated, “I always knew I was smart. The people at Advantage Learning Solutions just helped me to turn on the lights.”

Advantage Learning Solutions in Vancouver, WA, provides assessments and cognitive training to improve processing, focus and memory. In addition to its services as a “brain gym,” it also provides tutoring and career counseling.

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