7 Key Features of the IVA-2 Decision Support Software

  • The IVA-2 integrates the data from any type of rating scale you choose to use. In a new validity study, the inclusion of rating scales was found to improve clinical accuracy from 80% to 90% for a typical mixed age group that presented for ADHD evaluation in a clinical practice. Click here for more information.

  • The IVA-2 Clinical Report Writer system helps guide clinicians through the process of answering 15 or more key questions relevant to their diagnostic decision making process. Click here for more details.

  • The interpretive flowchart provides guidance to clinicians in interpreting the IVA test results. It has been improved to help them to more specifically and accurately diagnose the five different types of ADHD presentations. Click here for more information.

  • The clinical interpretive reports were created to help clinicians integrate clinical history, rating scale data, other clinical data, and possible working diagnoses into their comprehensive ADHD evaluation. It should be noted that the flowchart model is inherently limited in that it can only provide general guidelines for interpreting the IVA test results. It was not possible to incorporate all of the changes and new requirements in DSM-5 into the flowchart. For example, the flowchart does not include the data from the rating scales, clinical history, and other clinical observations provided by the examiner. This information and the clinician’s interpretation of it are included in the various reports and are integrated into the examiner’s diagnostic decision making process. Additional info here.

  • The clinical report writer has been completely revised to provide better draft reports for examiners to modify and incorporate into their full clinical evaluation. It has also been rewritten to generate reports in a more natural-sounding language. Click here for samples of these reports: Clinical Report, Standard Report, Detailed Report, Comprehensive Report.

  • The malingering analysis and its interpretation have been significantly improved, and clinicians are now provided with additional scales to help them in their evaluation of possible malingering. Click here for additional information.

  • The manual has been completely revised to make it very easy for clinicians to find the information they need in order to better understand and interpret the test scales accurately. Click here to view a screen shot of IVA-2 manual help system.

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