SmartDriver Plus - Visual Attention BuilderSmartDriver Plus is an entertaining driving game designed to help improve attention and thinking skills. Use it with the EEG Brainwave Biofeedback BrainPower system and a Ferrari Steering Wheel to discover the fun of being in the Attention Zone! This brain training software provides many hours of fun. High scorers are rewarded with exciting video game breaks. Children love it!

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SmartDriver Plus for Personal Use is licensed for One Player for One Year.  Not licensed for Professional Use.

SmartDriver Plus Features BrainPower™

Train BrainPower with Neurosky MindWave and SmartDriver
Train BrainPower with SmartDriver and the Neurosky MindWave EEG Headset

 About the SmartDriver Plus BrainPower System

The BrainPower system works to develop A Calm Happy Alert Relaxed Mental state (C.H.A.R.M.). Being CHARMing is a key component in building attention and positive thinking. Use the BrainPower EEG Biofeedback Training Device with SmartDriver Plus to learn how to stay in the Attention Zone. When you use the BrainPower option your car maintains acceleration only when you are in the Attention Zone.

Realistic Steering Wheel, Brakes and Gas pedal make SmartDriver absolute FUN!
For a realistic exciting driving experience, use SmartDriver Plus with the Ferrari Steering Wheel and brake and accelerator pedals.

SmartDriver helps teach a few basic rules of the road and provides training to develop the mental skills necessary for smart, safe driving. In addition to its unique Attention Zone training, it also is designed to improve visual tracking, thinking ahead, concentration, hand-eye coordination, memory, and patience. SmartDriver is lively, challenging and entertaining, but not frenetic or overwhelmingly stimulating. Goals are clearly defined, and success builds self-esteem and confidence.

Avoid the Obstacles to Win!
Avoid the Obstacles to Win!

Develop your confidence by driving your car on more difficult roads and challenging situations. Win and earn more points by being a careful driver.  Keep your car on the road, drive the speed limit, and stop for red lights, or you will lose points. Watch out for reckless drivers who may bump into you for no good reason. Winning requires you to drive defensively and follow the rules of the road. Above all, pay attention and have fun!

“I have successfully guided many children and adult patients through the developmental levels of SmartDriver, and it has taught me the importance of combining attention and motor skills in therapy tasks. SmartDriver does all the work, and I’m just a ‘loud’ backseat driver. Most of my patients love it so much that I can use it as a motivational and reinforcement tool as well as a therapy tool. When I told a little language impaired girl that she must be patient on SmartDriver, she went and told her mother that she should be a patient driver while bringing her to speech-language therapy.” – Arnell A. Brady, CCC-SLP/L Chicago, IL

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