SmartDriver Testimonials

“I started using the SmartDriver program in my clinic during March of 2003, because it looked like a fun real world tool for therapy. Most people want to drive a car (both children and adults). They both need some fun in the therapy setting. Since that time I have successfully guided many children and adult patients through the developmental levels of the program, and it has taught me the importance of combining attention and motor skills in therapy tasks. SmartDriver does all the work, and I’m just a ‘loud’ backseat driver. Most of my patients love it so much that I can use it as a motivational and reinforcement tool as well as a therapy tool. When I told a little language impaired girl that she must be patient on SmartDriver, she went and told her mother that she should be a patient driver while bringing her to speech-language therapy.” – Arnell A. Brady, CCC-SLP/L Chicago, IL
“I have been using the BrainTrain cognitive rehab software and have seen significant impact in all my clients engaged in the therapy. The Captain’s Log, Sound Smart and Smart Driver software provide an extremely accurate and targeted approach to their cognitive training. Most of my clients are students in school K-12, however one of my clients is a 91 year old gentleman who has been diagnosed with ADHD and wants to improve his visual attentional focus and attention so that he can learn to read at above his current 2nd grade reading level. He will begin his program in January. I’m anxious to watch his progression. My objective is to help my clients improve functionality. All have noticed marked difference in their ability to stay focused and comprehend academic materials. Clients dealing with impulsivity issues are noticing more self-control as it relates to social behaviors: in the classroom, with classmates and in the home.” – Lonnie Rae Smith, Director/Owner Advantage Learning Solutions Vancouver, WA
“I have gone through many levels of SmartDriver and have found it to be well thought out and very enjoyable. I often recommend it for home use, since the kids love it, and it is easy to get them to use it consistently. Parents are crediting the program for the significant academic improvements they are seeing in their children.” – George Fincher, Ed.D. Nationally Certified School Psychologist Chattanooga, TN
About all of BrainTrain’s Products… “My name is James Ochoa and I’m a licensed counselor in Austin, Texas, and the executive director of The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC). At TLEC we create life-long strategies for success and BrainTrain software has been one of our most useful strategies since 1996. I began using the IVA CPT for my assessment and diagnosis of ADHD. This software alone has allowed me to gain insight into client attention difficulties at very in-depth levels. The IVA CPT is a regular and necessary part of my evaluations. AT TLEC we also use SmartDriver and Captain’s Log software. The SmartDriver program recently helped a 16 year old client, who had inattentive type attention problems and multiple car wrecks as a result, train her attention to help her drive safer. The software also allowed her parents to have an objective measure to see how she was progressing. The Captain’s Log software has been used effectively by TLEC as well. An older adult client who had severe inattention while attempting to concentrate on boring routine tasks at work, which were critical to his job, used the Captain’s Log to help train his ability to attend much more effectively. In fact, he increased his ability for visual focus over 2.5 standard deviations, as measured by the IVA CPT, with the regular use of Captain’s Log and the use of medication. Even without medication, his ability to focus was almost 2 standard deviations higher! TLEC, under my supervision, will continue to use the BrainTrain software as the center continues to expand.” – James Ochoa, LPC The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC) Austin, TX
“I have been using the BrainTrain cognitive rehab software for about 9 years and am consistently amazed by client outcomes. How do we build protocols for our clients? The IVA+Plus reports are extremely helpful in determining what specific cognitive areas need therapy; the Captain’s Log, Sound Smart and Smart Driver software provide an extremely accurate and targeted approach to their cognitive training. One of my clients, a 55 year old man, with a post 5-year right brain injury regained use of much of his prefrontal cortex. Prior to his program at Advantage Learning Solutions he was unable to engage in conversation. He could not stop to listen and/or stop to gather his thoughts and then respond intelligibly. Now, engaging in conversation using critical thinking skills and planning and executing tasks related to his daily life and future are not only possible for him, he feels like he has gotten his life back. His physician was convinced this could never happen but now credits our work with him as the factor that created his change. Individuals who have never been able to learn to read and who lack focus and attention resulting in poor academic progress and limited social skills go from being several years behind academically and behaviorally to being at the top of their classes. The big difference: cognitive training using BrainTrain programs.” Lonnie Rae Smith, Educational and Cognitive Stimulation Consultant. Advantage Learning Solutions, Vancouver, WA.
“I love helping others who have learning issues (ADHD and dyslexia) improve their performance. IVA+Plus, Captain’s Log, SoundSmart, and SmartDriver help me and my clients. Here are some of the successes I have had: “A high school student diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia used Captain’s Log through 4 years of high school. He maintained a 4.0 GPA, was a National Merit Scholarship finalist, and scored a 35 on his ACT!! “A 49-year old law student diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia was failing law school. Braintrain’s software and Optiminds brain building programs helped her graduate from law school! “An 11-year-old Downs Syndrome student, with the help of Braintrain’s software and Optiminds, is now able to sit and focus! When he first came he could not read; he is now reading phonetically at a second grade level! “BrainTrain saves my life everyday!” – Jane H. Stewart, Ph.D. Optiminds Royal Oak, MI
“My adult patients really like SoundSmart and get very engaged with it.” – Dennis Shoemaker, Ph.D., Psychologist Wernersville State Hospital Wernersville, PA

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