SmartDriverNot many activities get kids as excited as the concept of driving a car! Now with the new SmartDriver 3, their love of driving can be applied to the task of exercising their executive functioning skills – planning ahead, attention to detail, visual tracking, concentration, hand-eye coordination, memory, and patience.

Designed for people ages 6 – 96 who have problems with active thinking and executive functioning, SmartDriver 3 keeps the user entertained as she works her way through forty-five progressive levels of difficulty. The program is most interesting when used with a USB steering wheel with brake and accelerator pedals and with the NeuroSky BrainPower headset. When the BrainPower headset is used, the more you relax and focus, the faster you can go (but not faster than the speed limit!)

While lively and entertaining, the exercises contain no violence and are not frenetic or overwhelmingly stimulating. Goals are clearly defined, and the player can learn to succeed and to be proud of his newly acquired skills and capabilities. The trainer has the option of selecting the level of complexity – from no traffic to a busy two-way road.

SmartDriver 3 requires the user to drive his car successfully through progressively more difficult roads and driving situations, avoiding getting too many damage or penalty points. She must keep her car on the road, watch the speed limit, stop for red lights and trains, be helpful by picking up passengers, avoid potholes and other obstacles, and follow the rules. Other cars may act wild and reckless, bumping into her for no good reason, so she must learn to drive defensively. Detailed record-keeping is provided.

Featuring BrainPower™
Train BrainPower with Neurosky MindWave and SmartDriver

Train BrainPower with SmartDriver and the Neurosky MindWave EEG Headset

Train BrainPower with SmartDriver and the Neurosky MindWave EEG Headset

Get in the “zone.” A Calm Happy Alert Relaxed Mental state (C.H.A.R.M.) is a key component in building confidence and improving cognitive skills. Using the optional BrainPower EEG Training Device in conjunction with SmartDriver Plus, you can control the speed of your car and learn to achieve a state conducive to learning.


“I have successfully guided many children and adult patients through the developmental levels of SmartDriver, and it has taught me the importance of combining attention and motor skills training. SmartDriver does all the work, and I’m just a ‘loud’ backseat driver. Most of my patients love it so much that I can use it as a motivational and reinforcement tool. When I told a little language impaired girl that she must be patient on SmartDriver, she went and told her mother that she should be a more patient driver while bringing her to speech-language therapy!” – Arnell A. Brady, CCC-SLP/L Chicago, IL

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