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In order to purchase any of BrainTrain’s psychological test products, you will need to complete a Test Qualification Form. CLICK HERE to complete this form. BrainTrain’s psychological tests are only distributed to healthcare professionals qualified in their use.

These products are sold only to healthcare professionals and educators and are not designed or intended for personal use. Please note that all sales are final.

Requires Windows 10 or Windows 11. Will not install on Mac OS.

Call 800-822-0538 to inquire about Single Player, Cloud and High Volume pricing.


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Refunds and Limited Accessory Warranties:
All sales are final. Any hardware or accessory products purchased are warrantied for 90 days. If there are any components or sensors which a customer believes may be defective, they will need to be returned for testing or examination before any replacements will be sent out. This warranty does not cover any accidental abuse or misuse of the accessories. It is required that the customer call and obtain a RMA # before returning any hardware or accessory item previously purchased. Software purchases will not be refunded under any circumstances. Fully functioning trial versions of BrainTrain software is available to all customers for their evaluation prior to purchasing.

Licensure and Use of Biofeedback Software and Equipment

EEG equipment may be used only under the supervision of a licensed practitioner for the purpose of relaxation training.

All biofeedback equipment is considered medical equipment. It is the individual user’s responsibility to comply with state and federal laws related to its use and acquisition. BrainTrain does not authorize the inappropriate use of equipment and under no circumstances should an unlicensed individual purchase and use its neurofeedback equipment unless they are properly supervised by a licensed practitioner. Users of the equipment maintain sole responsibility for any claims made or their marketing and use of BrainTrain’s software and hardware. BrainTrain takes no responsibility for the actions, marketing materials, or any claims made for the use of any of its hardware or software. Practitioners will need to only provide services within the scope of their business or professional license. Compliance in the use of BrainTrain’s products or equipment is the sole responsibility of the individual user. It is recommended that they check with the relevant state licensing organizations regarding specific rules regarding biofeedback and all professional service regulations and restrictions.

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