Research has shown that training working memory and attention in the school setting can generalize to improved academic skills and better behavior in the classroom. Adding neurofeedback to brain training can enhance the power of the training by helping students get “in the zone,” learning to relax and focus while they work. Your students will have a great time playing SmartMind 4’s entertaining, engaging games while developing a positive, relaxed state of mind.

You can easily systematize the training for each individual student. Plus, you can reinforce the classroom training by using SmartMind 4’s new optional cloud-based technology to send your students home with SmartMind 4 homework.

What makes SmartMind 4 unique?

  • New Training Plan Graph plots progress over the course of Training.
  • New Daily Progress Measure alerts to daily progress at the end of each day’s training.
  • Eight New Training Exercises included in MindFlow which brings the total to 32!
  • New Assessments set Artifact Sensitivities and Training Thresholds in one sessions. Artifact-free technology filters out muscle and eye movements that impair accurate EEG readings in other systems.
  • New, optional cloud-based technology allows you to reinforce the classroom experience by sending your students home with SmartMind 4 homework.
  • A confidential, built-in text messaging system enables you to provide remote student support.
  • SmartMind 4’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use.
  • SmartMind 4 supports 1, 2, and 4-channel devices from Neurobit, Physiodata, BrainMaster, Thought Technology, Neurosky, and more.
  • You can combine the SmartMind 4 neurofeedback with the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder’s 2000 cognitive training exercises! This synergetic approach can potentially enhance the effectiveness of both approaches.
  • SmartMind 4’s SmartDriver game can help your students learn to maintain a relaxed state while they drive a car through an ever changing and increasingly challenging obstacle course.
  • Your students can use their brainwaves to run their MP3, CD, or DVD players!

Games, Games, Games!

SmartMind 4 features 32 different neuro games – enough variety to keep your clients engaged for a long time. An individual’s success in maintaining a state of physical and mental relaxation powers the games and provides fun feedback regarding his success. In addition to the SmartMind 4 games, the system interfaces with MP3, CD, and DVD players, or you can combine SmartMind 4 with the 50 Captain’s Log MindPower Builder exercises to enhance brain training.

  1. MindFlow NEW!

    Your clients can use their relaxed state and EEG to control the Ocean breeze, make the Lotus bloom, and control the Fountain Flow.  Eight new exercises included!

    Make the Lotus Bloom!

    Empty your mind, be formless,  like water.

    Free your Mind and Focus on the flame!





  2. Exercise Pack I

    Your clients can climb trees, build robots, win races against the computer, and even control CD, DVD, or MP3 players – all powered by their ability to maintain a relaxed positive mental state.

  3. NeuroSport Games

    Using only their ability to stay relaxed, your clients of all ages can learn to excel at shooting baskets, kicking field goals, playing soccer, fishing, and more!

  4. Nature Walk

    Your clients will breathe the fresh air and experience the sparkling night sky. They use their relaxed state to keep the campfire going, catch the apples falling from the tree, illuminate the fireflies, and help the butterflies fly.

  5. MindPower Games

    These entertaining “video games” interact with the neurofeedback. The client must maintain his SmartMind EEG reward “zone” while he engages in playing the game, which he controls with the mouse, keyboard, game controller, or touchscreen. The better he maintains a relaxed focused state, the more points he scores.

  6. Captain’s Log Brain Games

    Research supports the effectiveness of combining neurofeedback with cognitive training (Tinius & Tinius, Journal of Neurotherapy, 2000). In these Brain Games, the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training System is adapted for use in tandem with SmartMind 4. The client develops the ability to access a relaxed mental state to optimize learning.

  7. SmartDriver

    SmartDriver is an entertaining, non-violent driving game designed to build cognitive skills and self-esteem. The game consists of forty-five progressive levels of difficulty for ages 6 through adult. Using neurofeedback, individuals can learn to maintain a physically and mentally relaxed state of mind while driving the car through an ever changing and increasingly challenging obstacle course.

    We recommend using SmartDriver in conjunction with a USB steering wheel with brake and accelerator pedals to provide a fun, realistic driving experience.


Here is a list of the neurofeedback devices supported by SmartMind 4.

  • Neurobit Optima 2 Bluetooth

  • Neurobit Optima+ 4 Bluetooth

  • Physiopilot GP-4e

  • Physiopilot GP-8e/icon_list_line]

  • Physiopilot GP-12e

  • Thought Technology FlexComp

  • Thought Technology ProComp 8 Infiniti

  • Thought Technology ProComp 5

  • Thought Technology ProComp 2

  • Thought Technology ProComp+

  • BrainMaster Atlantis I (separate license purchase required)

  • BrainMaster Atlantis II (separate license purchase required)

  • BrainMaster 2E (separate license purchase required)

  • BrainMaster 2EW (separate license purchase required)

  • BrainMaster Discovery 24E (separate license purchase required)

  • Neurosky MindWave Mobile 2


“The EEG feedback software is by far the best I’ve seen and easiest to use. The nearly infinite combinations of training levels and types allows for facilitating peak performance in executives and athletes. Bravo, Dr. Sandford.”
– Gregory Nicosia, Ph.D. President-elect, Assoc. of Comprehensive Energy Psych. Pittsburgh, PA
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We offer hands-on SmartMind 4 training!

Professional Training
Let us teach your entire staff to use the full depth and power of the Captain’s Log MindPower Builder Cognitive Training System, our IVA suite (IVA-2, IVA-QS, or IVA-AE2) or the SmartMind 4 neurofeedback system – powerful tools to help your clients. The author of the software, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, will train you in Richmond, VA at the BrainTrain Learning Center or come on-site to your facility and show you step-by-step how to use the software. Learn more.

Licensure and Use of Biofeedback Software and Equipment

EEG equipment may be used only under the supervision of a licensed practitioner for the purpose of relaxation training.

All biofeedback equipment is considered medical equipment. It is the individual user’s responsibility to comply with state and federal laws related to its use and acquisition. BrainTrain does not authorize the inappropriate use of equipment and under no circumstances should an unlicensed individual purchase and use its neurofeedback equipment unless they are properly supervised by a licensed practitioner. Users of the equipment maintain sole responsibility for any claims made or their marketing and use of BrainTrain’s software and hardware. BrainTrain takes no responsibility for the actions, marketing materials, or any claims made for the use of any of its hardware or software. Practitioners will need to only provide services within the scope of their business or professional license. Compliance in the use of BrainTrain’s products or equipment is the sole responsibility of the individual user. It is recommended that they check with the relevant state licensing organizations regarding specific rules regarding biofeedback and all professional service regulations and restrictions.

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