The young man had been a community college student who was bright but did not have the concentration and focus to get the grades that he wanted to achieve. After finishing college, he had applied to medical school. His MCat scores were not adequate to enter medical school in the US. He applied to numerous medical school programs outside of the country and was admitted into a foreign medical school. In the middle of his first year of medical school, he came to us, as he was not getting passing grades, and the school was suggesting that maybe being a doctor wasn’t the best idea. We did an assessment and diagnosed him as ADHD combined type; he also had specific problems with auditory processing. We introduced him to the Captain’s Log and neurofeedback. He did neurofeedback and Captain’s Log for six sessions over a period of two weeks. Then he promised to use the Captain’s Log program on his own 30 minutes per day for 6 months. After 2 months, he reported back to us that he was now getting between 88 and 92 on his tests in medical school. His teachers didn’t think that it was really his work, and they didn’t believe that he could really change his performance in such a significant manner. We had to write a letter to the medical school to document the cognitive training. He finished his promised 6 months of Captain’s Log training, has continued to average between 88 and 94 on all of his medical school exams, and is very happy.

Michael Mark, Psy.D.
Psychological Fitness Centers
Los Angeles, CA.