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TNT ReadingThe dynamic, award-winning approach to help children with reading problems

TNT makes learning to read fun. But it’s not just any ordinary reading series; it is also designed to help enhance attention, working memory, mental processing speed, and auditory discrimination – the cognitive abilities critical for reading comprehension.

Now Featuring BrainPower™!

If you wish, you can now include brainwave training in conjunction with TNT Reading training. Your clients learn to develop a positive, alert, relaxed mental state while they complete the reading exercises. The client works his way through six different BrainPower challenges as he masters the skills of staying relaxed, positive, calm, and aware. You can use the BrainPower capability of your TNT Reading System simply by investing an additional $99 to purchase the Brainwave device.

Research published in the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology documents the success of TNT Reading when used at home by parents.

The researchers found that “Children who received [TNT] working memory training showed significant increases in sustained auditory attention and sustained visual attention on performance-based measures, with reductions in reported symptoms of ADHD. In contrast, all but one child in the control group [Read Naturally Live, an evidence-based reading program] showed no change in attention, and none of the children in the control group had reductions in reported ADHD symptoms. Children in both groups showed similar outcomes for improvements in reading skills.”

The 2015 Nation’s Report Card from the US Department of Education shows that 64% of all fourth graders are not proficient readers, and in addition, 82% of Black and 79% of Hispanic fourth graders are not proficient readers. How will these children function in a society where reading and thinking are crucial for learning, responsible citizenship, and economic survival?

…When he was tested recently at school he tested in the 94th percentile out of 100 for reading. We are so proud of him and can’t believe how much this program helped. Thank you!

Difficulties with basic reading skills at the Kindergarten level don’t usually disappear on their own. In addition, if a child processes information slowly, or can’t pay attention or remember, academic instruction will not help him learn to differentiate letter sounds or understand the meaning of what he reads. If he is still struggling by the third grade, social studies and science will be closed books. Early intervention is critical if he is not to remain at a severe disadvantage throughout his academic and adult life.

TNT Reading identifies precisely where the child is having difficulty. It then uses a powerful combination of targeted computerized cognitive and reading “games” to help children K-3 develop their abilities. Following national Common Core Standards, TNT Reading is a comprehensive system that tests and then trains children to learn and to read.

TNT includes over 1,000 exercises!

The Test ‘n’ Train model is ideal for your RTI program and for setting IEP goals.

TNT Reading comes with unlimited FREE reading tests! Because the TNT reading tests provide you with the means for screening, monitoring progress, and diagnosing problems, and then it bases training directly on the test results, it saves you time and money. Each test determines exactly what a child needs to focus on, then creates his training plan accordingly. The training plan automatically continually assesses progress on each specific skill, and then self-adjusts the training. Test scores can be printed for inclusion in the student’s record.

Based on many years of research and hundreds of studies, Test ‘n’ Train Reading focuses on the seven components that have the greatest impact on a child’s ability to learn to read – letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonic skills, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention.


I liked that I was able to create customized programs for my second grade daughter and my pre-K son. They are on completely different levels, yet this program helped both of them.

While TNT Reading can be run completely automatically, it also allows you to customize it as you wish. You can even go into the automated training plans and select exactly which specific programs you want to use. You can also set the criteria for passing each level; you can choose whether to test first, then train, or to train first, then test; you can run the exercises in standard or accelerated mode; you can choose to alternate between Reading Mastery and Reading Comprehension exercises; and you can choose to reward a student who tries very hard without success.


TNT Reading is fun. Students are rewarded with certificates at every level. But in addition, your students’ hard work is rewarded with entertaining, non-violent video game breaks, which also further enhance processing speed and coordination. Now learning to read can be fun for everyone!

In the 24th century there will be no hunger, there will be no greed, and all the children will know how to read.
~Gene Roddenberry

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