TNT Reading AE

tntaeA dynamic, new approach to help adults with reading problems

TNT Reading AE trains the important elements used in learning how to read. The system was designed for people (Ages 10 and older) who have reading difficulties. It can also be used to help individuals who are learning English as a second language. The system is presented in a structured hierarchy that trains different areas of reading as the individual progresses, fostering mastery.

Now Featuring BrainPower™!

If you wish, you can now include brainwave training in conjunction with TNT Reading AE training. Working their way through six different BrainPower challenges, your clients can master the skills of staying focused, calm, and aware while they complete the reading and working memory exercises. You can access the BrainPower capability of your TNT Reading AE System simply by investing an additional $99 to purchase the Brainwave device.

TNT Reading AE uses tests to identify precisely where the user is having difficulty. It then uses a powerful combination of targeted computerized cognitive and reading exercises to help clients develop their abilities.

TNT Reading AE includes over 1,000 exercises!

The Test ‘n’ Train model is ideal for your RTI program

TNT Reading AE comes with unlimited FREE reading tests! Because the TNT Reading AE tests provide you with the means for screening, monitoring progress, and diagnosing problems, and then it bases training directly on the test results, it saves you time and money. Each test determines exactly what a client needs to focus on, then creates his training plan accordingly. The training plan automatically continually assesses progress on each specific skill, and then self-adjusts the training. Test scores can be printed for inclusion in the client’s record.

Based on many years of research and hundreds of studies, Test ‘n’ Train Reading focuses on the seven components that have the greatest impact on the ability to learn to read – letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonic skills, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention.


While TNT Reading AE can be run completely automatically, it also allows you to customize it as you wish. You can even go into the automated training plans and select exactly which specific programs you want to use. You can also set the criteria for passing each level; you can choose whether to test first, then train, or to train first, then test; you can run the exercises in standard or accelerated mode.


TNT Reading AE is fun. Certificates are awarded at every level. Hard work is rewarded with entertaining, non-violent video game breaks, which also further enhance processing speed and coordination. Learning to read can be fun for everyone!

TNT Reading AE Mastery Level 1

  1. Mastery Step 1

    Upper & lower case letter recognition, matching, sequencing.- Alphabetical order- Differentiation between uppercase and lowercase letters

  2. Mastery Step 2

    Matching letters to their correct consonant and vowel sounds- Blending consonant and vowel sounds together to form words

  3. Mastery Step 3

    Discrimination between similar beginning or ending sounds of words- Distinguishing between long and short vowel sounds in words- Learning the different sounds of “y” as a vowel

TNT Reading AE Mastery Level 2

  1. Mastery Step 4

    Identifying words based on beginning and ending letters or sounds.- Recognizing and spelling basic sight words of up to two phonemes

  2. Mastery Step 5

    Identifying and discriminating rhyming words using short vowel sounds- Identifying and decoding beginning letters and vowels in simple words

  3. Mastery Step 6

    Identifying and decoding ending letters of words- Discriminating between different but similar middle consonant sounds of words- Recognizing and spelling basic sight words comprised of three phonemes

TNT Reading AE Mastery Level 3

  1. Mastery Step 7 (120 exercises)

    Identifying words based on beginning consonant blends, identifying how a silent “e” changes the sound of a word, recognizing and spelling basic sight words comprised of three phonemes

  2. Mastery Step 8 (112 exercises)

    Identifying words based on beginning consonant blends and on beginning and ending consonant digraphs, recognizing rhyming words with long vowel sounds

  3. Mastery Step 9 (104 exercises)

    Discrimination between similar vowel digraphs, distinguishing differences between diphthong sounds, learning how smaller words can be combined to make bigger words or vice versa

Disclaimer: This software is solely for research and education purposes. It is not intended to be used in the treatment, cure, prevention or diagnosis of any medical disorder.

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