Using the IVA-2 Clinical Report Writer

The use of the Clinical Report requires that the test be administered in accordance with the specified test guidelines under the supervision of a licensed health care professional who is qualified in the use and interpretation of psychological tests. The test is not to be used as a standalone diagnostic instrument. By itself, it does not identify the presence or absence of any clinical diagnosis. The function of the IVA-2 CPT is to aid examiners in making their diagnosis as part of a comprehensive evaluation.

This clinical report will only be generated after the examiner answers all of the relevant questions and then determines a client’s diagnosis based on his or her clinical judgment. This report is to be distributed to others only after it has been carefully reviewed, modified as needed, and signed by the examiner.

The IVA-2 Clinical Report provides the clinician with a way to integrate an extensive amount of clinical data into a preliminary written report that can then be edited as necessary. To prepare the report, the IVA-2 test requires that the clinician answer a series of relevant key questions important in the diagnostic decision making process. In preparing this clinical report the examiner will need to review and interpret the client’s clinical history, behavioral observations, test results, and rating scale data. To create a draft clinical report, the program requires the examiner to answer a number of questions in the following twelve areas:

1. Primary symptoms the individual presents with
2. Whether ADHD symptoms can be accounted for by other factors
3. Settings and circumstances in which symptoms occur
4. Whether functioning is impacted
5. How long symptoms have been present
6. Behaviors observed during the clinical intake and testing
7. Clinical history of ADHD symptoms
8. Family history of ADHD
9. Clinical assessment of test validity
10. Medications at the time of testing
11. Recommended accommodations and treatment approaches
12. Factors that may contribute to the individual’s impairment

Each time a question screen is completed, the clinician’s answers will be saved. Should clinicians exit the report writer before responding to all questions, the next time they click on the Clinical Report button, they will be asked whether they want to resume where they left off or begin again. If they have previously completed a draft written report for a specific test administration, clicking the button for returning to where they left off will display the final question screen. They can still go back from the last question and modify any of their answers to the questions they want or proceed and create another draft clinical report.

For answers that require further clarification, the clinician can set any appropriate report question to include a sentence that will remind her to clarify that specific question item. This reminder will appear in bold, red lettering immediately following the relevant sentences. She will need to manually remove these reminders after adding her clarifications.

Clinical reports will be generated in the IVA-2 word processor; however, this report may also be exported in Microsoft Word 2010 .docx format for inclusion in larger reports or other documents. It is also possible to highlight the report text in order to include it in another report and then copy (Ctrl-C) and paste it (Ctrl-V) into that separate report. Reports can also be saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf) format which can then be opened using other word processors. However, it is recommended that the Microsoft Word format be used in order to avoid import compatibility problems and to minimize format issues that may occur with other word processors. To keep changes made to a generated report, examiners will need to save their modified report once all modifications have been made. If the IVA-2 draft clinical report is closed without saving it, then a prompt will appear asking clinicians if they want to save their completed report. If a report is not saved, it is relatively easy to create a new one. However, any changes previously made and not saved will not be included in any newly generated report.

Click here for a sample IVA-2 Clinical Report.

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