What is the BrainPower System?

It is important to keep in mind that most players will initially be challenged in using the BrainPower System. To be successful, they have to learn how to “tune in” and produce a specific positive mental state, which is referred to as a BrainPower Challenge. Success is only possible if the person approaches the exercise with a relaxed, exploring attitude, and does not “try” to do it. Whenever a person gets stressed or upset because of their perceived failure to earn BrainPower points or be successful in the BrainPower Game Breaks, then the use of the BrainPower System should be discontinued for this person. Before resuming it, they will need to have more supervision and coaching by a Trainer.

Players can use the BrainPower system to develop positive, alert and relaxed mental states while completing the training exercises. The BrainPower system helps Players know when they are relaxed and alert by analyzing their brain waves using the MindWave EEG devices. Feedback is provided using the image of a brain that glows when the Player is producing the selected brain activity during the training exercises and in the game breaks as well. The BrainPower system requires that you use the Neurosky MindWave or Neurosky MindWave Mobile Headset which quickly and easily connects using dry EEG sensor technology. As you develop your brain power skills by learning how to better relax, concentrate and focus, you’ll be able to earn more BrainPower points for correct answers while playing.

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