What Reports are Available for IVA-2?

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DSM-5The IVA-2 Report Writer provides four main interpretive reports – Clinical, Standard, Detailed and Comprehensive. The reports provide progressively more in-depth interpretation and analysis of the test’s 82 scales. When appropriate, clinicians can also include an assessment of possible malingering into their reports. ADHD rating scale results can be integrated into the reports.

Clinical Report – Guides clinical examiners in evaluating the various factors important in their diagnostic decision making process. Compatible for use with the DSM-5®, the clinical report helps the clinician integrate his clinical observations with the client’s clinical history, presenting symptoms, other environmental or psychological issues, rating scale results, and IVA-2 data, to complete a comprehensive evaluation. This succinct, one-page report, which can be quickly modified using the built-in IVA-2 word processor, also enables the examiner to include his recommendations and accommodations.

Standard Report – Provides the essential information needed to help the clinician develop a diagnosis. It reviews the test validity and provides an overview of the Global IVA-2 scales, then guides the examiner in formulating his diagnosis and integrating the test results into a comprehensive evaluation.

Detailed Report – Uses information from the IVA-2 test, available rating scale data, and information regarding the presence of ADHD-type symptoms before the age of twelve, if applicable, to help the examiner interpret the IVA-2 test results. This detailed review of the test results helps guide examiners in identifying ADHD symptoms relevant to their diagnostic decision process.

Comprehensive Report – Provides an in-depth report to help clinicians fully understand the test results. The Comprehensive Report includes all of the scales reviewed in the Standard and Detailed reports and also provides additional component scale data and interpretation of all of the scales in a more detailed format. This report provides an in-depth review of test results to assist clinicians in their evaluation of individuals with complex symptoms and suggests possible interventions for the examiner to consider.

The IVA-2 system includes ten different types of data analyses that present detailed test scores and data in table, graph and descriptive formats. Six of these analyses directly support the available reports. Also, the following four analyses are available: Malingering, Quintile Response, Response Time Distribution, and Response Data. In addition, five types of supplemental reports provide you with in-depth analyses of your client’s auditory and visual strengths and weaknesses. Click here to view examples.

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